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05.04.14 10:45 AM ET

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry walks past American (back) and Israeli flags at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv January 6, 2014.  REUTERS/Brendan Smialowski/Pool (ISRAEL - Tags: POLITICS) - RTX173RK

Brendan Smialowski/Reuters

Kerry Warns Israel Could Become An ‘Apartheid State’
By Josh Rogin

The secretary of state said that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon, it could become ‘an apartheid state,’ like the old South Africa. Jewish leaders are fuming over the comparison.

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction
By Abby Haglage

This junkie is about to begin a three-day, neo-African, sometimes-terrifying, ritualistic trip. Can it help her get clean?

Remembering the Fall of Saigon and Vietnam’s Mass ‘Boat People’ Exodus
By Katie Baker

On April 30, 1975, American troops withdrew from Saigon as the city fell to the North Vietnamese. One refugee remembers the chaos of the day and her long odyssey to freedom.

The Daily Beast

The Health Care System is Broken, So It’s Time for Doctors to Strike
By Daniela Drake

Doctors are miserable, patients are miserable, and there’s no end in sight. It’s time to revamp the health-care system from the ground up—starting with primary care.

If Fame is the Reason for Abortion, Does That Make it Wrong?
By Tauriq Moosa

When a U.K. woman announced her plan to get an abortion in pursuit of a stint on ‘Big Brother,’ the Twitterverse was horrified—even pro-choicers. So can you be selectively pro-choice?

‘Lil Snoop, Chicago’s Gun-Toting Gang Girl
By Michael Daly

She was just 17, a charter school graduate. But little Gakirah Barnes was also purported to have killed two in tit-for-tat gang violence now being celebrated by the recording industry.

Britain’s Tea Party Tantrum
By Nico Hines

Britain, meet your very own Sarah Palin—Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who is upending British politics and outraging the moderate center with his rag-tag ultra-right-wing party.

Law-Breaking Judges Take Cases to Make Themselves Rich
Reity O’Brien, Kytja Weir, Chris Young, The Center for Public Integrity

Federal judges aren’t supposed to hear cases in which they have a financial stake. Dozens do it anyway.

Why is Louis C.K. So Funny?
By Andrew Romano

Because he uses humor as a moral compass.


John Oliver: U.S. Politics Are ‘Nauseating’
By Marlow Stern

The newly minted host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver sat down to discuss his new gig, the strange state of U.S. politics, and more over coffee.

The Abused Wives of Westeros
By Amy Zimmerman

Game of Thrones is famous for its boobs, battles, and baby dragons. But fans of the original Ice and Fire series would argue that the F-word actually lies at the heart of George R.R. Martin’s fantastical tale. No, the other F-word: feminism.

A protestor throws a tear gas canister back to riot police during a May Day demonstration in Istanbul, Turkey, Thursday, May 1, 2014. Clashes erupted between May Day demonstrators and riot police as crowds determined to defy a government ban tried to march to the city's iconic Taksim Square. Security forces pushed back demonstrators with water cannons and tear gas. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

Emrah Gurel/AP