The Best of the Beast, Aug 9-10

Our favorite stories for your weekend reading list.

08.09.14 9:45 AM ET

The senator’s broad appeal threatens to weaken Democrats for 2016, and they are going on offense—sending out no less than 10 press releases on his latest trip to Iowa.

Some of the European women already in the ranks of the Islamic State are trying to lure their ‘sisters’ to the marriage beds of the caliphate’s holy warriors.

The burlesque performer’s desire to make new mothers feel sexy is absurdly misplaced. Hell hath no fury like a woman whose breasts are engorged with milk.

The CIA and the Senate can’t agree on how to mask the identities of those who helped the U.S. in its secret detention. Whose identities will Obama protect?

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He dresses in black, doesn’t flirt, speaks with a Scottish accent, and is, well, a bit of a jerk. Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of Doctor Who is the darkest yet. 

Not only does Eve Hewson inject Clive Owen’s penis with liquid cocaine in The Knick, but she also happens to be the daughter of the most famous rock star in the world.

As city rents skyrocket and small businesses close to be replaced by chain cafes and glass condos, Jeremiah Moss’s blog, Vanishing New York, keeps a rueful eye on the ‘progress.’