Local TX Sports Anchor Calls Out "White Power" Signs At Basketball Game

Dale Hansen speaks out again when sports intersect with prejudice

When students at a North Texas high school held up signs reading “White Power” during a basketball game against a more racially diverse rival last week, the story hit the national news. The reaction was one of near universal condemnation among those who spoke out, but the school’s adminstrators have done little more than lament the episode and take away the signs.

Local sports anchor Dale Hansen, who made a splash with a spirited segment criticizing the response to Michael Sam’s declaration that he was gay before the 2014 NFL Draft, was back again this week to speak out in an instance where sports reflected persistant social ills.

Hansen is adamant that more is required than simply confiscating some signs. He points out that kids are taught to hate, as he was growing up, by parents and grandparents and teachers and coaches who now are defending the sign-wielding students. “Those parents and others who care,” he says, “are trying to defend what you cannot defend.”