The Daily Beast: Father’s Day Gifts

We’ve combed the web to bring you the best gifts for Dad.

06.18.15 2:45 PM ET

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Father’s day is right around the corner and you need that perfect gift to show your progenitor how much you care.

Fear not! We’ve handpicked the best of the web to help you display your love and affection—and finally land you that coveted ‘favorite child’ spot (he’ll never admit to it, but you’ll be able to tell).

Roo Hammock

1. For the wildest adventures or for relaxing in your back yard, the Roo Hammock is easy to pack, easy to carry and guarantees Dad’s comfort.

Print Socks

2. Give Dad a nice pop of color by adding these print socks to his collection. 

Art of Shaving Kit

3. Let’s be honest. No one enjoys shaving. That is, until now. For the smoothest, most luxurious grooming experience, get Dad the ultimate kit. He’ll thank you, and so will his skin.


4. There’s nothing quite like Dad’s chargrilled burgers. Make Dad feel like the BBQ-ing pro he is this summer with this savory gift combo. And you get to enjoy it too!


5. You want something that says “I love you Dad” without maxing out your credit card. We get it. Google’s Chromecast is the cool affordable gadget that allows streaming from your devices to your TV. Sit back, relax and enjoy Dad’s company while you watch the best content.


6. Stop rolling your eyes when Dad pats his stomach and claims that the “Dad Bod” is in. Instead, subtly help him get in shape.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

7. Remember that pic of Dad from when he was your age? The longish hair and cool shades? Help him relive his glory days with this updated version of his favorite sunglasses.

Kindle Paperwhite

8. Help Dad keep up with his reading on a Kindle Paperwhite. This version of the world’s most famous e-book is lightweight and features a touchscreen with adjustable glare—it’s the perfect on-the-go companion.

Whiskey Stones

9. Say goodbye to diluted drinks with whiskey stones. They keep drinks cool instead of ice—Dad’s favorite has never tasted so good.

Sperry Top-Sider

10. Make sure your Dad’s summer shoe needs are met with Sperry’s top-siders in tan leather. Cool, versatile and timeless, Dad will wear them again and again.

Wood Frame

11. Nothing says “I know your other kids love you but love you best” more than framing one of his favorite memories. This beautiful wooden frame will allow you to do just that.

Running Tee

12. Dad’s sportswear makes you cringe? Iffley Road’s innovative lightweight running tee offers temperature control and a stylish design that transitions easily into street wear. It’s a gift for everyone.


13. Dad’s been filming your every move since you were born. Help him reach the next level with the GoPro Hero3. Who knows? One of his videos might even go viral.

Gin Kit

14. Dad will impress everyone as he turns generic vodka into delicious gin with this kit.  Everyone will wish their pop was as cool as yours.

Checked Shirt

15. Every man needs a blue-checked shirt. Who said casual couldn’t be elegant?

Scratch Map

16. This Scratch Map helps Dad track all the cool places he’s been. You can add yours too.

Swim Trunks

17. Make sure that Dad looks cool at the pool with Roark Revival’s swim trunks.

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