The Daily Best: Games Gift Guide

It’s Game On with our favorite picks of party games from around the web. From Twister to poker with a twist, we’ve got your Saturday night covered.

07.30.15 7:10 PM ET

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Hanging out with friends is fun. Hanging out with friends AND kicking their butt at games? That’s even better. Game on.

1. Cards Against Humanity


Be forewarned—this game is offensive, inappropriate and completely hilarious.

2. Never Have I Ever


You think you know your friends? Think again. Uncomfortable truths may be revealed in this “game of poor life decisions.”

3. The Voting Game


Reveal how you really feel about your friends by voting anonymously on a variety of zany situations.

4. Invisible Playing Cards


Time to stop coasting on your poker face—try a hand with these completely clear playing cards and really test your shark skills. Winning or losing hand, you’ll look cool.

5. Twister


No matter how this game goes, it’ll be memorable. And the pictures will be amazing blackmail material for years to come.

6. Trivial Pursuit 1990s Edition


Dust off the plaid shirts and acid wash jeans with this awesome edition of Trivial Pursuit. Finally, all that My So-Called Life knowledge comes in handy.

7. Jenga


In theory, this game should be the worst. It’s a tiny wooden tower of stress! But in reality, it’s a blast.

8. Bounce-Off


This game requires all of your powers of smarts, all of your focus, all of your experience and intellect. Just kidding! It just requires bouncing the balls into a grid that matches the pattern on the card. It’s weirdly addictive.

9. Bananagrams


This game is like Scrabble minus the hassle. Sorry Scrabble fans! But this thing has no board, no points and no waiting in turn. Test your speed with this carry-everywhere word game!

10. Storymatic


This storytelling game is fun sober but super, super fun after a few adult beverages. Enjoy these tall tales responsibly.

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