Daily Show’s Trevor Noah: GOP Denying Trump Like He's Climate Change

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah makes the case that Republicans are now treating Donald Trump the same way they deal with climate change. 

03.03.16 5:14 PM ET

With seven more wins on Super Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is coming. But the GOP would rather bury their heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. 

As The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah put in his Super Tuesday coverage last night, “A lot of Republicans are treating Donald Trump’s takeover the way they treat climate change—in other words, they deny it.” 

For instance, there is Marco Rubio, who, with his regular third-place victory speeches, would rather “question the numbers” than admit that Trump is trouncing him. Ted Cruz doesn’t exactly deny the numbers, but rather “willfully misinterprets them as if they mean something good.” 

“You’re not co-winners, Ted Cruz,” Noah said, laughing. “Just the way he says it: ‘Every one of those states has been won by Donald Trump or myself. And if you look at myself and Jay-Z combined, we have both slept with Beyoncé on numerous occasions, and that is why I will stop Obama.’”

In Noah’s view, Republicans “refuse to believe that political climate change is a real thing.” And just like with actual climate change, even those who admit it’s a problem are not willing to do anything to stop it. 

Take House Speaker Paul Ryan, who said GOP candidates must “reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry.” But that doesn’t mean he won’t support Trump if and when he becomes the nominee. “You don’t approve of what Trump is doing, but you’ll still help him do it?” Noah asked. 

“Whether you believe in it or not, political climate change is happening,” the host continued. “Just like it is in nature. We know this because we see it.” And political animals like the “once proud lone wolf” Chris Christie have been forced to adapt to their new reality, becoming a “trained lap dog” for Trump.

“Political climate change is just like regular climate change,” Noah concluded. “Regardless of whose fault it is, Republican denial is going to end up hurting all of us.”