Baby Names: The 12 Hottest Inspired by Celebrities

Stars don't even have to give birth to spark baby name trends. From Lilo to Anniston, unlikely name ideas are capturing the attention of parents-to-be hungry for hip baby names, reports name expert Pamela Redmond Satran.

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Sean Gallup / Getty Images


Hillary Clinton has been in the spotlight for two decades, so why did her lovely, lively name just now catapult up the charts an astonishing 3,000 percent? Maybe Hillary’s softer turn last summer as mother of the bride made people better able to appreciate her name’s upbeat merits: It means “happy,” after all. And maybe it’s just taken this long for the name to shake loose from its connection to Ms. Clinton. After nearly nose-diving off the Top 1,000 in 2006, its star is once again heading straight up.

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Is it time for buttoned-up Marlowe to take over from canine-inflected Marley and teen queen Miley, not to mention That Girl Marlo? Jason Schwartzmann seems to think so. He chose Marlowe, a British surname meaning “driftwood,” for his newborn daughter, and its views on nameberry increased by 2700 percent.

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Even the biggest Friends fan would hesitate to name her baby the overused Jennifer. But Anniston, the nouveau spelling introduced by TV star Chyler Leigh for her daughter? That’s hot, up 1500 percent this year over last.

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees took to Twitter in search of a name for his second son, and 6,000 suggestions later came up with Bowen, a Welsh surname that means “son of Owen.” Interest in the name is running 1200 percent ahead of last year on nameberry.

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Draco & Sirius

It’s not only Harry and Rupert whose names have enjoyed a bump up thanks to the Harry Potter franchise. Bad boy Draco Malfoy and godfather Sirius Black have seen their names rise in popularity too; Both are up over 1,000 percent from last year.

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Rooney Mara, star of the forthcoming Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, is really named Patricia but adopted the surname of the famous grandfather who started the Pittsburgh Steelers as her first. Given to fewer than five baby girls according to the most recent Social Security figures, interest in the name Rooney has skyrocketed, up over nine times from last year.

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Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr took more than a week to name their newborn son, but their handsome and inspired choice Flynn was worth the wait. One of the many Irish surnames that mean redhead, Flynn attracted only 65 views last year but nearly 600 this January. Perhaps not coincidentally, it’s also the last name of the dashing silent film star Errol.

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The name Lindsay may be as dated as a mullet, but Ms. Lohan’s nickname Lilo is taking off in popularity as a first name, rising over 800 percent since last year. Its newfound favor has less to do with its infamous bearer than with its stylish double L sound: also popping on the charts are Laila, Lila, and Lorelei.

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The obscure Cosima—it’s never been on the U.S. Top 1,000—was chosen by not one but two celebrity couples last year. First supermodel Claudia Schiffer used it for her second daughter, then hipster director Sofia Coppola and Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars chose it for their second daughter. The Greek feminine of Cosmo, it means “universe” and attracted nearly eight times as many views this January as last.

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Another celebrity surname, Wilson might be in honor of Owen Wilson, or it could commemorate president Woodrow, or it might even be a nod to Tom Hanks’ volleyball pal in Castaway. Or the 785 percent spike in interest in this name meaning “son of Will” might be a quasi-conscious nod to the upcoming royal wedding and the hope that Will and Kate will have a son.

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Halle Berry made this Arabic name meaning “drink of water” famous when she chose it for her now-2-year-old daughter, but a sound-alike African sister of Nahla was already famous: the animated leonine Nala became the Disney Lion King’s wife. Perhaps because of Berry’s custody fight with ex Gabriel Aubry, interest in Nahla has recently increased 775 percent.

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Brigitte may have faded, but Bardot is hot again after it was chosen by Bones man David Boreanaz for his daughter last year. And Sandra Bullock picked the homonym Bardo, a German saint’s name, as the middle name for her son Louis. Bardot’s star has risen 600 percent in the past year.