Bacon Gifts

Got a major fan of bacon on your gift list this holiday season? From bacon air freshener to bacon lip balm and even emergency bacon, The Daily Beast has come up with a superb collection of products featuring the tastiest of breakfast meats.

The Complete Bacon Book

Heather Lauer has taken her passion for bacon to the next level. After creating the blog Bacon Unwrapped in June 2005, Lauer decided it was time to create a comprehensive book on bacon. From recipes to the complete history of bacon, Bacon: A Love Story is the perfect gift for the book worm with a salty tooth.

Bacon Lollipops

Who says lollipops are only for kids? Das Foods, a small sweet and savory foods company in Chicago, created a sophisticated line of suckers that include lemon-ginger, salty caramel, and yes, the ManBait flavor: maple bacon. The all-natural lollipops taste just like meat candy—salty and sweet with that woodsy taste of maple. They are available at Das Foods’ website.

Bacon Coffee

That’s one hot cup of bacon! The good folks at BaconFreak, a wholesaler and website based in Los Angeles, decided that the two greatest flavors of the morning should be roasted into one bold beverage. Bacon Maple Coffee packs in the “semi-sweet, sensuously succulent flavor of Maple” along with the flavors of “gourmet country style bacon.” An 8-ounce bag is available for $14.95.

Emergency Bacon (Survival Bacon)

When the big one hits, it’s important to carry all the bacon you can humanly afford. That’s where Yoder’s Canned Bacon can come in handy. With a shelf life up to 10 years, this pre-cooked bacon is packaged in sheets of parchment paper, with all the fat drained out “so it will taste as good out of the can as it would right out of the refrigerator.

Bacon Brittle

Brittle has always been one of the many sweet treats of the holiday season. But what could possibly make brittle any better? Bacon! Dean and DeLuca have done up their Sir Frances Bacon Peanut Brittle in the only way they know how: with “hickory-smoked bacon from Tennessee and sweet Spanish-type peanuts.

Bacon Lip Balm

Wintery chapped lips? Perhaps those lips are craving some bacon more than just moisturizer, but why compromise? With Accoutrements Bacon Lip Balm you can “keep your lips moist and meaty around the clock.

Bacon Mini Desk Calendar

The “ Bacon Love” calendar is the best way to remember important dates and how much you love bacon. Each month is another glistening delicious photo of everyone’s favorite meat and includes trivia facts to impress. A great gift for the forgetful bacon-lover.

Bacon Scarf

For all the bacon lovers with a sense of style, this $57 silk bacon scarf will be sure to please any “baconista.” Each scarf is hand painted by a local artist in Richmond, Virginia. And according to, the website where you can buy this delicious accessory, “this makes every bacon scarf unique, just like every strip of actual bacon.

Gourmet Bacon Chocolate

Chocoholics and bacon-lovers unite! At long last a chocolate company that beautifully combines the smoky flavors of bacon with the sweetness of chocolate. Vosges Haut Chocolate is notorious for melding oddly titillating flavors, such as chipotle chilies and dark chocolate or curry powder and coconut. The Mo’s Dark or Milk Chocolate and Bacon Bar is made with apple wood smoked bacon and alder wood smoked salt.

Bacon Belt

Probably the most exciting thing to happen to bacon since BLTs, the bacon belt is a stylish and handy accessory to any pants-wearing bacon enthusiast. Accoutrements created the bacon belt out of fine vinyl and metal. And it comes in sizes big enough to “grow out your bacon belly.

Bacon Soap

It was only a matter of time before someone created Bacon Soap—a bar that packs in all the sweet smells of bacon to make bathing all the more delicious. This bacon-scented bar of soap from Archie McPhee comes from a long line of scented soaps, including pickle, eggnog, and absinthe. But who wants to smell like pickles when you can smell like bacon?

Bacon Band-Aid

First aid done right! The bacon Band-Aid is a perfect tool for the klutzy bacon-lover. These sterile strips of delicious protection from Archie McPhee come in a tin box of 15 and are made to look like real slabs of bacon. Each box comes with a free surprise toy inside.

Bacon Floss

Got a little bacon stuck in your teeth? Simply swipe some bacon floss to remove that extra piece of heavenly meat. Accoutrements has made dental hygiene even more delightful with 27.3 yards of delicious waxed bacon-flavored floss packed into a tiny case.

Bacon Wallet

Now you can pay with bacon, or at least bring some home. The bacon wallet is a sleek and meaty way to carry credit cards, cash, and whatever else you can slip into this faux leather accessory.

Bacon Air/Car Freshner

Who needs pine trees when the smell of bacon could waft through the car? Bacon car fresheners hang from the rear view mirror and provide the ample aroma of sweet salt meat candy. Careful to keep your eyes on the road.