New works by the elusive street artist Banksy are popping up in Los Angeles just days before the Oscars. Will a drugged-up Mickey and mischievous Charlie Brown help his documentary win?

Living the Dream

This lascivious and toked-up Mickey and Minnie Mouse would make Walt roll over in his grave. In Banksy’s latest feat, he overtook an entire billboard on the Sunset Strip, yet it was quickly torn down.

Crayola Shooter

The Hills star Lauren Conrad first spotted this peacemaking young man in Westwood on a wall behind the Urban Outfitters on Glendon Ave and Westwood Blvd. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver couldn’t help stopping by for a glimpse.

Pissing Dog

Someone forgot to curb their pup. Banksy’s Beverly Hills grattiti dog is (for now) located on Little Santa Monica Boulevard next to the Beverly Hills Sports Community Center.

The Charlie Brown Firestarter

When Peanuts kids go wild: This Charles M. Schulz-inspired piece of Banksy art was found on Sunset Boulevard on the side of a building already damaged by fire.

Charlie's Fire Gets Extinguished

The Charlie Brown piece didn’t last for long, however. A Twitter user snapped this photo of Charlie being stolen, torn straight out of the concrete. It’s hardly surprising: Banksy’s past works have fetched up to $576,000 at auction.

The End of Banksy?

And finally, the morbid end to Banksy’s curious art works popping up in Southern California. After the Charlie Brown Firestarter was stolen, this was left in its wake.