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The Obamas Welcome New Puppy

The Obamas Welcome New Puppy White House

Meet Sunny.

Bo has a sister! The Obamas brought in a new puppy on Monday to keep the first dog company, another Portuguese Water Dog named Sunny. The first family picked the name for the pup’s energetic and affectionate demeanor, according to the White House, which released a video introducing the dog. Bo and Sunny are already getting along famously, cavorting around the South Lawn side by side. In Sunny’s honor, the Obamas made a donation to the Washington Humane Society.

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Decapitated Snake Bites Its Own Tail

Decapitated Snake Bites Its Own Tail YouTube

Man films gruesome moment.

Yes, there's a video. After a "copperhead" snake had been killed and its head was severed, the reptile began to attack its own body out of instinct—and it was all documented. Sam Billiter of Alabama quickly uploaded the footage to YouTube with the caption, "After decapitation this snake bit it's own butt!" Billiter described the scene on camera as being "pretty wild" and "crazy," while also laughing in the background. It's not uncommon for a snake's reflexives to remain in tact after it dies, but nothing quite like this has ever been reported.

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Exotic Fish Snacking on Men's Testicles

Exotic Fish Snacking on Men's Testicles Wikimedia Commons

It's an honest mistake. It swears.

That can't taste good. Men in Scandinavia have been told to keep their swim trunks on because the pacu, a fish native to South America, is swimming around biting testicles. But apparently the "ball cutter" or "nutcracker fish" isn't as mean as it looks. Though its teeth are large and frightening, they aren't as sharp as those of their cousin piranha—though still certainly sharp enough to rip through skin. The problem is that the pacu, a vegetarian fish, has been mistaking testicles for its favorite treat, nuts. Could be worse, right? OK, maybe not.

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Professional 'Catfighting' Now a Thing

Professional 'Catfighting' Now a Thing Tobbe/Corbis

Women's leagues similar to wrestling.

The claws are out. Klaw Mark Kittens in Lansing, Michigan, and Wildcatz in Nottingham, England, are performing different kinds of semi-sophisticated and choreographed "catfighting," involving kitten costumes and loads of eye scratching. "We call it vintage burlesque wrestling," troupe leader of Klaw Mark Kitttens Autumn Luciano said. Though she said, "It's mostly theater," Luciano didn't sugarcoat it. "When showtime comes, the girls will kick each other's butts." 

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Zoo's 'African Lion' Is Actually a Dog

Zoo's 'African Lion' Is Actually a Dog REN JF/EPA/Corbis

China zoo reportedly covered up animal's identity.

A zoo in china is facing major criticism for reportedly trying to disguise a Tibetan mastiff as an exotic cat. The animal was put in a large cage with a sign saying "African lion," according to AFP. And this isn't the first time the zoo has been guilty of such a crime. The zoo held large rats in its snake cage and fox-like animals in its leopard cage, like no one would notice. "The zoo is absolutely cheating us," said one visitor who paid the $2.45 admission fee and felt duped.

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only in china

Zoo Disguises Dog as Lion

Zoo Disguises Dog as Lion Ed Jones/AFP/Getty

The jig was up when the 'lion' started barking.

A Chinese zoo in the People's Park to Luohe has come under fire for attempting to pass off a dog as an African lion--a plan that was going swimmingly until the dog started barking. The "lion" turned out to be a zoo staffer's Tibetan mastiff, a large, long-haired breed of dog, that was subbing in while the lion was taken to a breeding facility. "The zoo is absolutely cheating us," a customer with the last name Liu told a Chinese newspaper. Customers apparently paid 15 yuan ($2.45) per ticket and were also treated to the sight of another dog passing off as a wolf, a white fox in a leopard's den and two coypu rodents in a snake's cage. 

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Science: Insect Goo Could Replace Stitches

Science: Insect Goo Could Replace Stitches Grambo Photography/Corbis

Biologist working on new medical first-aid technology.

Band-Aids, Neosporin, and snails? Biologists are working on new medical first-aid technology that would render stitches and staples relics of the past. Their replacement? Snail goo! The gel produced by slugs, snails, mussels, and insects as they glide across surfaces could create an ideal medical adhesive, according to Ithaca College biology professor Andrew Smith. The gel could potentially avoid the negative side effects of sutures, such as the risk of the stitches coming undone or leaking bodily fluids. The snail glue “would stick to wet surfaces, and no matter how much the tissue flexed and bent, the gel would flex and bend with it,” he said, meaning no more leakage or scarring. Science!

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Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty

The Daily Beast wants you to share your horrifyingly hilarious pet-sitting stories! Do it for the dog/cat/fish you were sitting. Or better yet, do it for the animal’s owner.

Almost all of us have either fed someone's fish too much food, let the dog roam the neighborhood unattended, or washed the cat with what you thought was shampoo but was actually bleach. But sometimes it's hard to fess up and admit to your mistakes, and so, behold, the pet-sitting confessional, where you can tell us about your mishaps (name optional) and read other people's stories, too. Hey, you never know. Maybe you won't feel so bad afterward ...



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How Hannah Was Found

In the wake of kidnapped teen Hannah Anderson’s rescue, cops tell Christine Pelisek how they tracked her into Idaho backcountry. Plus, her captor’s odd obsession with a cat named Princess.

Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old teen who was abducted by a family friend, setting off a search that stretched from the Mexican border to the backcountry of Idaho, didn’t know that her mother and brother had been killed until she was rescued by the FBI this weekend.


The remains of a home owned by James Lee DiMaggio, Anderson's suspected killer, seen on August 7, 2013. (Sam Hodgson/Reuters; Inset: San Diego County Sheriff's Department)

“She is a victim in every sense of the word,” said San Diego County Sheriff William D. Gore at a press conference on Monday afternoon. “She was in extreme duress from the time she was taken to the time she was rescued.”

Anderson’s nearly weeklong ordeal ended with the death of her captor, 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio, in an Idaho preserve on Saturday by a member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team.

Beast Beast

It Really Is Raining Cats and Dogs

Weather is boring. Kittens and puppies are awesome. Melissa Fares talks to the two guys behind Weather Puppy and Weather Kitty, apps giving meteorology a new, viral spin.

“A puppy or cat would never lie about the weather, would they?” says Suraj Hemnani, who co-created the year-old app Weather Puppy and its two-day-old housemate Weather Kitty. “We are trying to make the weather cute,” Shiv Takhar, the other creator, says.


Weather Kitty takes the mundane science of meteorology into the realm of art—and it’s pretty fun. We all need a little meteorology in our lives if we don’t want to wind up in the wrong coat or caught in an unexpected rainstorm. With Weather Kitty, Takhar and Hemnani offer cat lovers a plethora of felines (you can even set your own cat as the background!) that reflect the forecast. Does it get any better than that?

While the new app itself is free, a fairly priced upgrade ($1.99 is cheaper than a cup of coffee, after all) brings you the undeniably amusing “Grumpy Cat”—who is perhaps the most famous cat in the world—theme. This cat will undoubtedly make you laugh at work, so be careful where you launch the app. And it will only get better: the animal gurus are in contact with famous Internet cats. “There will be more,” they say.


Dead Shark Winds Up on NYC Subway

Dead Shark Winds Up on NYC Subway Andrew Brandy Casagrande/Discovery, via AP

But no one knows how.

Was it a marketing ploy to highlight the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week or just a sad incident that a shark wound up dead on the New York City subway? Riders of the N train found the shark late Tuesday night, but it's not clear how it got on the train in the first place. The MTA released a tongue-in-cheek statement confirming that the shark was real and that sharks are handled by "Shark Maintainer Is, or if none are available on that shift, then by Aquatic Mammal Handler IIs." The shark was thrown in the trash when the train reached the end of the line.




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‘Awfully Good’

A New Grumpy Cat Buzz

Grumpy Cat, the feline Internet celebrity, is testing the limits of licensing success with a new coffee line.

The angry little kitty Grumpy Cat is at it again. The scowling sourpuss has had her fair share of fame—from winning “Meme of the Year” at the Webby Awards to a mug, T-shirt, and sticker empire—but now she’s after a more robust brand. Grumpy Cat, a.k.a. Tardar Sauce, is taking on the coffee industry with the release of her new line.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat makes an appearance to promote her new book on July 23 in Santa Monica, California. (Amanda Edwards/WireImage, via Getty)

On July 27, Grumpy Cat announced to her more than 100,000 Twitter followers that Grumppuccino, a Grumpy Cat–branded iced-coffee drink, would be coming soon. According to her agent, Ben Lashes (yes, she has an agent), the brew will be available online starting August 7 and comes in three varieties: vanilla, mocha, and regular coffee. The tagline of the new brew is “It’s Awfully Good,” and Lashes swears that it tastes delicious.

The idea began with a pitch from a beverage-company representative. Lashes and the rep thought it would a perfect combination since everyone is grumpy in the morning. The team spent the spring doing behind-the-scenes work on the coffee product and focused quality, going to taste laboratories and learning more about the beverage world. Lashes said the tasting process, and perfection of the formula, hasn’t been a “cheap endeavor.”

Animal Attack

Python Murder Mystery

Police say a 12-foot snake ‘attacked’ two young brothers who were found dead this week, but exactly how they died is unclear. Even reptile experts are puzzled, Christine Pelisek reports.

It’s almost unthinkable—a 12-foot-long, 100-pound African rock python falls from a ceiling in the middle of the night, lands on two young boys, and kills them.


An African rock python pictured in the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga, South Africa. (Warren Little/Getty)

Yet that’s the story that police in the tiny Canadian town of Campbellton, New Brunswick, are trying to piece together after the bodies of Connor Barth, 4, and his brother Noah, 7, were discovered Monday morning in an apartment above an exotic pet store. Meanwhile, as the community grieves, animal-rights groups are calling for a ban on keeping the snakes as pets—and reptile experts are debating whether the creatures are truly capable of such a horrific act.

“Originally we thought it strangled the boys,” said Jullie Rogers-Marsh, a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, “but now we aren’t confirming exactly what happened until we get autopsy and necropsy results.” She did confirm that the snake did “attack” the Barths in some way. “We feel for the family involved, and we are working hard to determine the cause of death,” she added.

Pampered With Poo

I Had a Bird-Poop Facial


Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty

The Geisha Facial in New York’s Shizuka spa is getting a lot of attention for its use of nightingale droppings. Kelsey Meany finds out what the hype is all about.

On Friday night I couldn't sleep. I pictured demonlike New York pigeons eating garbage and creating mayhem around a single crumb of bread. It was too much to handle. In the morning I was going to wake up and pay to have bird shit rubbed on my face.  

Shizuka New York Skin Care Salon has been offering the hourlong $180 Geisha bird-poop facial for about five years. Yes, for five years people have been getting bird shit rubbed on their faces and told no one about it. The spa, located right by Radio City Music Hall, reportedly poop-erizes about 100 men and women each month with the treatment. The Japanese spa is owned by Tokyo native Shizuka Bernstein, who aims to bring Japanese spa treatments to America. (The treatment is relatively rare for the U.S., but has been used since the 1600s by actors and geishas in Japan.)

I had my pick of appointments; one was open every hour—never a good sign. At 11:30 a.m. on a dreary Saturday morning I was greeted with a friendly hello and a bag printed with those happy little Japanese cartoon cats (I pictured them saying “Get ready to be poopified, bi-otch!”). Inside, I found a Japanese-style robe and some slippers. Dressed in the robe, I immediately took selfies and sent them to my friends with the caption: “Hey, about to get bird poop rubbed on my face, BRB.” My friend Kristin replied, “Is that sanitary? Are you being abused?”


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Man Attaches GoPro Camera to Crab Net, Sees Crabs

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YouTube user (and crabber?) Scott Murray attached a GoPro camera to a crab net—and was surprised with what he saw.

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It Really Is Raining Cats and Dogs