Best Celebrity Twit Pics

Britney Spears heads to Glee, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone share sushi, and Jennifer Lopez flaunts her diamonds. VIEW OUR GALLERY of stars’ Twitter photos.

Britney Spears

Between a return to the recording studio and a guest spot on Glee, it looks like Britney Spears’ reign over pop culture has no end in sight. “what's up GLEEKS? Having so much fun on set!! Can't wait for you guys to see the episode!” she tweeted. Look out, Quinn—there’s about to be a new queen bee at McKinley High.

Adam Levine

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine channeled the 80s in more ways than one this week: “I just rollerbladed around in an empty factory listening to Madonna.” he tweeted. “Not a joke.” But where’s the neon spandex?

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell seems to be reliving her youth in a big, big way. “Found it!” she tweeted – a mega-pack of Rice Crispies dangling from her teeth.

Alicia Keys

If her taste in shoes is any indication, it seems that Alicia Keys is hopping off the diva train in favor of a ticket to motherhood. The pregnant singer, expecting a child with new husband Swizz Beats, tweeted, “Ain't it SO sad I cant wear these???;-) Love CLB Heels! but don't worry, my flats ROCK! ;-).”

Zac Posen

Zac Posen may dress the biggest stars and fashionistas, but at the end of the day, he comes home to a slightly less glamorous posse of furry friends: “my family portrait. Tina Turner, Candy Darling, and Betty Blue!” He tweeted.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t forgotten his Hollywood past—the Governator returned to his roots at a dinner with some fellow action stars. He tweeted a picture of him and Sylvester Stallone sharing a sashimi platter. “Had a great time w/ Sly and the cast of Expendables, now back home,” Schwarzenegger wrote.

Jennifer Lopez

We want to live on Jenny’s block! Some of us may wake up to cereal, but La Lopez obviously wakes up to diamonds. She spent her morning combing through this embarrassment of riches, tweeting “Hmmm... what should I wear today?”

Kanye West

Turns out Kanye does know how to share the spotlight, at least with hip hop heavy weights like Mos Def and Swizz Beatz. “Power ... Me Kobe Swiss and Mos vibing in the studio,” he tweeted with a Polaroid from the studio.

Adam Lambert

Finally, a place that can fully appreciate Adam Lambert’s signature black eyeliner and coiffe. “At da gay club,” he tweeted.

Katy Perry

No stranger to the Japanese cosplay aesthetic, Katy Perry bridges the gap between East and West in an unusually epicurean way. “I had my own Yukata made for today with cheeseburgers, milkshakes & fries! Yummy!” she tweeted.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan’s daily diet of kale juice and a Dixie cup of blueberries is in serious peril: “The devil has just been delivered to my green room,” he tweeted with a plate of bagels.

Taylor Swift

Who expects to see their face when they open their silverware drawer? Taylor Swift, apparently. The songstress tweeted about her dad’s penchant for pranks earlier this week and posted a shot of her latest discovery. “Good one, dad. Hahaha,” she tweeted.

David Spade

For funnyman David Spade, traffic is apparently no laughing matter—and the rest of LA can surely relate. “Does the president really need to fuck up ALL the traffic in town? can the guy skype some f ing meetings?? My god,” he tweeted on Monday night.