Big Butts Book

The Big Butt Book

Images in this gallery are selected from The Big Butt Book by Dian Hanson, which was published by Taschen this summer.

Ed Fox


Mike James

Lola and Racheal

From the Dian Hanson Collection


Elmer Batters, from the Dian Hanson Collection


Nick Saglimbeni, for Slickforce Studio


Bunny Yeager

Bettie Page, 1954

Howard Huang

Buffie the Body

Courtesy of A.R.S., Inc.


Courtesy of A.R.S., Inc.

Marie Fanelli

Courtesy of A.R.S., Inc.

Lynda Kuisel

Courtesy of A.R.S., Inc.

Janice Demowsky

Jorge Bispo, Courtesy of Playboy Brazil

Andressa Soares, aka Watermelon Woman

Charles E. Black Jr.

Teyai Marie