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Holmes Assessed Before Shooting

As potential threat by psychiatrists.

He didn’t go unnoticed. James Holmes was flagged by psychiatrists on a threat assessment committee before the Colorado shooting, sources tell ABC News. The psychiatrist treating Holmes at The University of Colorado reportedly brought the alleged shooter to the attention of the committee meant to protect students from potentially violent students. No further action was taken after Holmes dropped out of school a month before the attack. “ We did everything we think we could have done,” University of Colorado Chancellor Don Elliman said.

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When the Killer Pleads Insane

AP Photo

If James Holmes were found not guilty by reason of insanity, would the Colorado families spend years fighting to ensure he never went free? Patricia Almazan tells Michael Daly how the fate of her father’s killer tormented her.

Patricia Almazan lost her father in a mass shooting at a California library more than three decades ago and knows all too well the pain felt by those who lost loved ones in the movie theater massacre in Colorado.Almazan learned about that agony as she held her father’s hand in an Orange County hospital emergency room in July 1976. She squeezed and felt him squeeze back, and she was sure he was trying to tell her something, but in the next moment he succumbed to his wounds.


Prosecutors: Two-Track Strategy

RJ Sangosti, Pool / AP Photo

Two sets of charges filed against Holmes.

Prosecutors in Colorado are covering all their bases. On Monday they filed two sets of first-degree murder charges against James Holmes—two for each of the 12 deaths the 24-year-old is allegedly responsible for—in order to give the jury two separate avenues to a death-penalty sentence should Holmes’s lawyers successfully argue an insanity defense. The two sets of charges are “murder with deliberation,” which is equivalent to premeditated murder, and killing with “extreme indifference to the value of human life,” for which prosecutors must prove “an attitude of universal malice.”

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Aurora Victim Suffers Miscarriage

Had already lost her 6-year-old daughter in shooting

The mother of the Aurora shooting's youngest victim suffered a miscarriage from the trauma sustained during the massacre. Ashley Moser, whose 6-year-old daughter Veronica was killed, was shot in the neck and stomach when alleged gunman James Holmes opened fire during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Her family released a statement, saying that 25-year-old Moser underwent additional surgery Saturday morning and thanking all those sending out well wishes.

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Holmes’s Shrink Had Been Reprimanded

RJ Sangosti-Pool / Getty Images

For prescribing herself prescription pills.

University of Colorado psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton had been disciplined by the Colorado Medical Board before beginning work at the school. In 2005 Fenton was allegedly found to have prescribed medication like Vicodin and Ambien to herself, her husband, and an employee in the late 1990s. Suspected movie-theater shooter James Holmes had been treated by Fenton before the massacre in Aurora, Colo., last week. He had mailed her a package with a notebook that will likely be used in the court case against him.

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Victims Relive Tucson Shooting

Ross D. Franklin / AP Photo

The murders of 12 people in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater prompted unsettling memories among those wounded or present when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was among those shot in Tucson in 2011, writes Lizzie Crocker.

When Patricia Maisch, a survivor of the January 2011 shootings in Tucson, turned on the news last Friday morning to see the horrified faces in the aftermath of the Aurora massacre, she was transported back to that sunny day last winter when she lay motionless on the ground, wondering how it would feel when a bullet pierced her chest.“That’s when Colonel Badger and Roger Salzgeber knocked the shooter down essentially on top of me,” Maisch tells The Daily Beast.


James Holmes Saw Psychiatrist

RJ Sangosti, Pool / AP Photo

In weeks before Colorado massacre.

In the weeks before James Holmes allegedly opened fire on a crowded screening of The Dark Knight Rises, he was seeing a University of Colorado psychiatrist specializing in schizophrenia, according to court records (PDF) released Friday. Holmes, who was a graduate student in the university’s neuroscience Ph.D. program, was seeing Lynne Fenton, the school’s director of student mental-health services and writer of numerous papers on schizophrenia. Holmes reportedly sent her a notebook that included drawings of a mass killing, which is said to have been seized by police as evidence in Holmes’s case.

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‘A New Silent Majority’

Gun Owners Support More Controls

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

According to GOP pollster Frank Luntz, a survey of 900 gun owners uncovers healthy support among moderates for more gun control, writes Eleanor Clift.

In the days following the shooting in Aurora, a bipartisan consensus took hold that gun control can’t be achieved in the current political climate. The National Rifle Association is too powerful, and passing another law probably wouldn’t do much anyway to stop the mass shootings that have sadly become part of the American scene. The grassroots energy that drove the passage of the Brady bill and an assault-weapons ban in 1993 has been replaced by a sense of resignation that little can be done beyond grieving for the victims and their families.


Holmes's Neighbors Return Home

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Police will provide security at apartment building.

James Holmes' neighbors have finally returned home to the apartment building they shared with the man allegedly responsible for the brutal shooting at a Colorado movie theater nearly one week after the incident occurred. Police had not allowed anyone to return up until now, as they had been investigating and detonating Holmes' booby-trapped apartment. "Police will remain present throughout the night for security purposes," one Aurora officer confirmed. Investigators found Holmes' apartment filled with homemade grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline set to cause an explosion throughout the building as soon as someone opened the door.

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Obama: ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control

Susan Walsh / AP Photo

Romney incorrectly says Holmes obtained guns illegally.

The presidential candidates are finally talking about guns, nearly a week after a lone shooter killed 12 people and injured nearly 60 more in a movie theater in Colorado. While speaking in New Orleans on Wednesday, President Obama told an African-American group that there could be more restrictions regarding keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and even said he’d work with lawmakers to make weapons harder to possess. “I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals,” he said, adding that the steps shouldn’t be controversial, but "common sense.” Mitt Romney, on the other hand, said tragedies like the one in Aurora would not be prevented by changing national gun laws and made the mistake of alleging that suspect James Holmes obtained the weapons used in the movie theater massacre illegally—he didn’t.

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Haunted Halls

What’s Next for the Aurora Theater?

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Twelve people were shot dead at the Century 16 multiplex earlier this week. Can it ever go back to business as usual? Christine Pelisek and Eliza Shapiro on a town divided.

On Wednesday morning, the makeshift memorial for the victims of the Aurora shooting drew hundreds of people. Located on a dusty hill, 12 white crosses with the names of the victims stood upright, surrounded by teddy bears, balloons, candles, and poems. Next to each cross was a popcorn bag weighted down by candles. Mourners made the rounds. A sign read: “We Will Remember.”Looming in the distance was the Century 16 Theater, the 3,400 seat multiplex where James Eagan Holmes is alleged to have shot or wounded 70 people, leaving 12 dead.


3 Hospitals Waive Fees For Victims

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

$2 million has been raised to defray costs.

Three Aurora-area hospitals said Wednesday that they would limit or completely wipe out the cost of the medical bills for those wounded in the shooting at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises that injured 58 people and killed 12. Children’s Hospital Colorado, the Medical Center of Aurora and Swedish Medical Center said they would limit or eliminate the costs while the other two hospitals that took victims, the Denver Medical Center and the University of Colorado Hospital, wouldn’t say directly what they would do. Several of the victims are young and don’t have insurance. Nearly $2 million has been raised by the public and Warner Brothers has agreed to donate some of the profits to the victims.

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Report: Holmes Involved With Prostitutes

RJ Sangosti, Pool / Getty Images

Also received thousands in federal and school grants.

The Daily Mail is reporting that James Holmes, the man suspected of killing 12 people at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., last week, was allegedly involved with several prostitutes before the attack. Holmes reportedly frequented websites that review prostitutes and wrote three reviews himself. Earlier this week it was reported that Holmes had a profile on sex website It’s also been revealed that Holmes, who was reportedly in the process of dropping out of a Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado in Denver, had been receiving thousands of dollars from federal and school grants, including $21,600 from the National Institutes of Health and a $5,000 stipend from the university. Holmes has been exhibiting odd behavior since being apprehended by police Friday night, when he sat in the Arapahoe County police headquarters staring at the wall with his eyes twitching. Now jail officers have resorted to putting a face guard on the accused gunman because he wouldn’t stop spitting at them.

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Why Men Commit Mass Murders

Imagemore Co., Ltd. / Corbis

Does nurture really overpower nature? Lizzie Crocker reports on the ‘code of masculinity’ and why the gendering of violence may be the key to preventing massacres.

Last week’s massacre in Aurora, Colo., has reignited the predictable national debates that ensue in the wake of rampages: Is gun control to blame? To what extent do violent images in pop culture shape dangerous minds? What makes a mass murderer tick? And how can we spot one before he wreaks havoc?But there’s one discussion we tend to overlook, despite that it’s staring us in the face: why are mass murderers almost always men? It may seem like a moot point that boils down to biology, but some psychologists say nurture overpowers nature in this case—and that our socialization of men perpetuates their acts of violence.


Shooting Victim’s Wife Gives Birth

Caleb Medley in critical condition as son is born in same hospital.

Katie Medley gave birth to her first child at University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora on Monday afternoon as her husband lay in critical condition in the same building. Caleb Medley suffered a gunshot wound to the head at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Katie survived the massacre and was able to go through her scheduled induced labor, producing newborn Hugo Jackson Medley. As for Hugo’s father, “there are indications that he understands us and can tell who we are,” said his brother, Seth. “His wife talks to him, and he shutters. There are obvious signs he understands.” The best man at Caleb and Katie’s wedding started a donation website to raise money to help his best friend and his high-school sweetheart pay their medical bills. He’s raised more than $35,000 as of Monday evening.

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Holmes’s Dazed Court Showing

In his first appearance since allegedly killing a dozen people, the suspected Colorado shooter struggled to keep his eyes open as he faced the judge.

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