Bush Diaspora

The publication of George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points, has once more made the former president highly visible. But where have all the members of his administration gone? The Daily Beast tracks down the Bushies.

George W. Bush

Now: Memoirist, Highly-Paid Speaker, Barney scooper
Status: Not forgiven, but no longer actively loathed

AP Photo

Donald Rumsfeld

Then: Secretary of Defense
Now: Memoirist, D.C. Hermit
Status: Known unknown

AP Photo

Dick Cheney

Then: Co-President, or possibly President
Now: Memoirist, Friend of Mike Allen
Status: Equally menacing but without the power

Giuseppe Aresu / AP Photo

Condoleezza Rice

Then: Secretary of State
Now: Sportswriter, Memoirist
Status: Still golden

Joshua Roberts, Bloomberg / Getty Images

Ed Gillespie

Then: Counselor
Now: Shadowy architect of the GOP’s midterm victory
Status: Scary in an inchoate sort of way

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Karl Rove

Then: Bush’s Brain
Now: Shadowy architect of the GOP’s midterm victory, Fox News pundit, Memoirist
Status: The pudgy face of Republican evil

Karin Cooper, CBS News / AP Photo

Colin Powell

Then: Secretary of State
Now: Obama endorser, Bipartisan wise man
Status: Still holier-than-all-of-us

Richard Drew / AP Photo

Scott McClellan

Then: Press Secretary
Now: Snitch
Status: Heroic

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Alberto Gonzales

Then: Corrupt Attorney General
Now: Second-Rate College Professor
Status: Everything Miguel Estrada isn’t

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Harriet Miers

Then: Supreme Court Nominee
Now: Second-Rate Lawyer
Status: Thankfully obscure

Stefan Jaffe, AFP / Getty Images

Michael Brown

Then: Bumbling FEMA Chief
Now: Denver Shock Jock, Disaster Consultant
Status: Nowhere to go but up

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John Ashcroft

Then: Attorney Geneal
Now: Hired Hack
Status: Irrelevant

Haraz N. Ghanbari / AP Photo

Tom Ridge

Then: Secretary of Homeland Security
Now: Hired hack
Status: Yellow alert

Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images

Michael Gerson

Then: Chief Speechwriter
Now: Washington Post pundit
Status: Bush preservationist

Jamie Rector / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ken Mehlman

Then: architect of Bush’s re-election campaign,
Now: Gay Icon
Status: Confused

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Laura Bush

Then: First Lady
Now: Memoirist, Dallasite, Highly Paid Public Speaker
Status: Weirdly unchanged

Luca Bruno / AP Photo

David Petraeus

Then: Savior of Iraq
Now: Savior of Afghanistan
Status: Possibly presidential

Chip East / Reuters

Barbara and Jenna Bush

Then: First Daughters
Now: Humanitarian and Teacher/ Today Show correspondent
Status: Single and married

J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

Robert Gates

Then: Secretary of Defense
Now: Secretary of Defense
Status: The one thing Obama didn’t change

Melissa Golden / Getty Images

John Yoo

Then: Torture-Authorizing House Lawyer
Now: Berkeley Professor
Status: Grounded

Sue Ogrocki / AP Photo

Jeb Bush

Then: The good brother
Now: Party wise man, presidential timber
Status: Good and rising

Scott Nelson / AP Photo

Saddam Hussein

Then: Murderous dictator of Iraq
Now: Dead dictator of Iraq
Status: Over

Manuel Diaz / AP Photo

Hugo Chavez

Then: Venezuelan president who smelled sulfur around Bush
Now: Ditto, with Obama
Status: Still a nuisance

Kaveh Kazemi / Getty Images

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Then: Wacko President of Iran
Now: Wacko President of Iran
Status: Clownish

Drew Angerer / AP Photo

John Kerry

Then: Presidential Pretender, 2004
Now: Environmentalist, Scott Brown’s Biking Partner
Status: Footnote

Richard Drew / AP Photo

Al Gore

Then: Presidential Pretender, 2000
Now: Environmentalist, Nobel Laureate
Status: Available