Canoodling at Occupy Wall Street

Love is in the air for the protesters of Occupy Wall Street. See photos of the 99 percent snuggle up to each other.

Lucy Nicholson, Reuters / Landov

Love is in the air for the protesters of Occupy Wall Street. See photos of the 99 percent snuggling up to each other.

Andrew Burton / AP Photo

Ilana Welet cozied up to fellow protester Todd Crow in Zuccotti Park. The two joined forces to take on Wall Street.

Lucas Jackson, Reuters / Landov

Being forced to clean their campsites didn't get these protesters down. One Wall Street Occupier smirked happily as another stopped to kiss her hand during the mandated cleanup.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Whether feeling emotional, or just exhausted from weeks of Occupying Wall Street, protesters leaned on each other for support.

Lucy Nicholson, Reuters / Landov

Iman Issa and Victor Valdez might be more comfortable resting on the grass than the concrete of Zuccotti Park.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Protesters snuggled in what looks like Occupy Wall Street's nap time.

Alex Brandon / AP Photo

Russ Robinson and Amber Dillenbeck rested outside of Philadelphia’s City Hall on Oct. 6.

Lucy Nicholson, Reuters / Landov

A tattooed protester took a minute out from demanding a takedown of billionaires to lean in for a kiss in Los Angeles on Oct. 5. Occupy Los Angeles demonstrators have been camped out in front of City Hall since Oct. 1, the same day 700 people were arrested after marching over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Council members in L.A. passed a resolution in support of the protests last week.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

“Medicare for all” read the sign of a protester leaning down to kiss a surprising addition to the Occupy Wall Street movement—World War II veteran Sylvia Jordan. The 94-year-old activist told protesters it was her duty to join them on Oct. 5.

Mark Lennihan / AP Photo

Their sign said “Wake up to the world around you!” but neither looked particularly awake. Weary from a day of demanding the apology of big banks, two young protesters took a cuddle break on an air mattress in Zuccotti Park on Sept. 26.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Occupy Miami participant couldn’t be distracted from his goals, even when his girlfriend went in for the kill during the first day of protesting on Oct. 15. The movement made its way down to sunny Florida on Saturday with 1,000 person-strong march and 50 people camped out in front of the Miami-Dade Government Center.

Michael Nagle / Getty Images

Protesters in it for the long-haul in Zuccotti Park have developed coping methods for keeping warm on brisk fall nights. These three spooners taking a break on a de-inflated air mattress on Oct. 14.

Daryl Lang / AP Photo

A newlywed couple had an unexpected backdrop to their wedding pictures on Oct. 1, when the normally picturesque Brooklyn Bridge was flooded with Occupy Wall Street protesters, resulting in 700 arrests.