Carnival Cruise Liner Triumph Docks in Alabama: Passengers Celebrate Return Home (PHOTOS)

Passengers aboard the Carnival Triumph celebrated their return to dry land Friday morning, after five days of hellish conditions aboard a sewage-filled, powerless cruise liner. See photos of the unforgettable ride.

Mark Wallheiser/EPA, via Landov; Lyle Ratliff/Reuters, via Landov; John David Mercer/AP

Mark Wallheiser/EPA, via Landov; Lyle Ratliff/Reuters, via Landov; John David Mercer/AP

It’s a story beyond any travelers’ worst nightmare. An engine-room fire, a ship turned powerless—and suddenly, a cruise liner turned “petri dish” with sewage oozing down the walls and the stench of human feces nauseating the passengers trapped inside. When the Carnival Triumph cruise liner finally docked in Mobile, Alabama—after five days of no power and little food—onlookers could hear the 4,200 passengers on board shouting for joy. As they finally enjoy the freedom of dry land, here's a look back at the unforgettable ride.

Mark Wallheiser/EPA, via Landov

The ship was making its way back to Galveston, Texas, from Cozumel, Mexico, when an engine fire caused it to lose power. Passengers have reported squalid conditions as sewage systems failed and food supplies dwindled.

Jeff Gammons/Getty

While people onboard reported toilets that wouldn't work, the ship was restocked with food during the days it was being towed through the Gulf of Mexico.

John David Mercer/AP

People watch from their balconies aboard the Carnival Triumph after it's towed to the cruise terminal in Mobile, Alabama. 

Lyle Ratliff/Reuters, via Landov

As the ship pulled into a port in Mobile, Alabama, late Thursday, passengers cheered the end of a “hellish” voyage marked by overflowing toilets and stinking cabins.

Lyle Ratliff/Reuters, via Landov

According to reports, a few dozen people awaited the ship's arrival in Mobile, covered live by cable news network CNN.

Mike Brantley/AL.com, via Landov

Passengers from the crippled ship wait to board buses at the Alabama Cruise Terminal on the Mobile River.

John David Mercer/AP

Relieved to have finally disembarked the stinking ship, passengers were be bused to New Orleans for the night.