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  1. Life Among Islam's Secret Feminists

  2. amfAR Cinema Against AIDS

  3. Women in the World - Amy Lehman

  4. Real-Life Superwomen

  5. International Adoption: Fixing Local and Foreign Orphanages

  6. The Shocking Indignities Widows Face

  7. Wildlife Drowning in Oil

  8. The Lipstick Portraits

  9. History of the Condom


Screening Room

Banned PSA: Too Real for Ireland?

This harrowing child abuse PSA is garnering so much controversy in Ireland that it was banned from 'all Irish media' by the country's Advertising Standards Association. But it's not for the reason you think - apparently the ASA took offense with the abuser's gender. Warning: Much of the imagery is disturbing.


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    Michael J. Fox, Shoe Salesman

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    Damon: Bourne to Defend Tenure

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    NYC's Gay Pride Parade

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    Women Don't Negotiate for Themselves

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    What Issues Are Worth Fighting For?

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    Training Child Soldiers in the Hospital

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    Should It Be Illegal for Women to Wear Niqabs?

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    Who Are the Millenials?

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    Protecting Domestic Workers