Celebrities Who Didn't Go To Prom

They may be famous now, but these celebrities spent high school prom night all alone. From Madonna to James Franco to porn star Sasha Grey, VIEW OUR GALLERY of teen rejection.

Chris Pizzello / AP Photo

Chris Pizzello / AP Photo

Miley Cyrus

At just 15, Miley Cyrus learned she didn't always get the best of both worlds. When she was high school freshman-age, the Hannah Montana star told Maureen McCormick at the Country Music Television Awards red carpet in 2008, "I should be [going to prom], but I'm not… I am shooting my movie during prom days, so I won't be there." Still, Cyrus admitted that at the time, she wasn't really missing out: "I would be like the single loner at the back of the prom… That's the worst! I am not going to do that. That is like the worst. You shouldn't even go." Little did she know, that movie— The Last Song—would introduce her to her reported current boyfriend and co-star Liam Hemsworth.

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Although hundreds of prom dresses every year are fashioned after the pop star's style, Madonna never actually went to her 1975 prom at Rochester Hills High School in Michigan. Instead, she claims she " sat home alone. Couldn't get a date."

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Owen Wilson

"I didn't go to the prom; I was at military school," the Wedding Crashers star admitted in 2006. The actor ended up in the New Mexico Military Institute, after getting expelled from Dallas' St. Marks after just two years for raising hell, but eventually finished his coursework, heading to the University of Texas in Austin in 1987.

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Amy Sedaris

Actress and author Amy Sedaris attended Jesse O. Sanderson High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, but not its big year-end dance. "I didn't go to the prom, but I worked the prom," the Strangers With Candy star admitted. While it's unclear whether or not Sedaris was behind the punch bowl or playing hall monitor, she would share the special night with Jason Schwartzman and Molly Shannon years later in 2004 when she appeared in a Fox Network episode of Cracking Up titled " Prom Night."

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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

Singer Robin Thicke and his wife, Precious actress Paula Patton, dated for a year and a half, but Patton refused to take him to prom at her Hamilton Magnet Arts High School in Los Angeles because he was white. "I didn't want people to know [we were dating]. I didn't want people to call me a sellout or an Oreo, because I'd gotten that my whole life and it wasn't the truth," she said of their high school days. Today, Patton feels she made the wrong decision: "That's the sad part. I missed it because I was afraid. I didn't choose him because of his color." Thicke for his part recalled the big night: "She had actually told a couple of people I was black. Then prom night comes, we'd been together a year and a half, and she just lies and says she didn't want to go instead of saying she didn't want to take me." The couple was married in 2005 and had their first child earlier this month.

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Mena Suvari

Though Mena Suvari's character lost her virginity on prom night in American Pie, the actress was something of an outcast in high school and never made it to her own dance. "I didn't have that many friends. I had one or two friends but didn't go to the prom," Suvari said of her class of '97 experience at Providence High School in Burbank. "It was just very much about graduating and making it through."

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Sasha Grey

Though porn star Sasha Grey was a bit of a rebel in her younger days, one of the most desired women in the world didn't attend her high school prom. According to Rolling Stone, Grey skipped the seminal event to see a Miranda July movie and also refused to take the SATs, out of fear of going into debt to attend college. The now 22-year-old California native attended four different high schools to find her niche, including Highlands High, before finally graduating.

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James Franco

Though he's attended many a movie prom—from Whatever It Takes to Never Been Kissed—actor James Franco did not actually have the chance to go through the ritual in real life. The Palo Alto High School student was indeed a charmer—he earned Best Smile in the school's yearbook so finding a date was not the issue. "My girlfriend at the time was an actress and my prom was actually on my 18th birthday, but there was also a trip to Aspen, Oregon to go see the plays. So, we opted to see the plays. We had our own little prom," the actor told Lindzi.com .

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Sherri Shepherd

Comedian Sherri Shepherd may have been able to laugh through a lot, but the now 42-year-old View cohost regretted missing out on her prom at Hoffman Estates High School near Chicago. She recently got a second chance two decades later when WWE superstar MVP (who had also never attended his prom), escorted Shepherd to her alma mater's dance. When they entered the affair decades in the making, the DJ turned on MVP's theme song—"I'm Comin'" by the Silkk the Shocker—and the two were essentially the king and queen of the evening. "I feel like we're the black Ken and Barbie," Shepherd admitted.

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Paul Wesley

The immortal Stefan Salvatore whom Paul Wesley plays in The Vampire Diaries could have attended many proms throughout the ages he has been alive, but the actor was too focused for fun when his time came to attend the dance. "I definitely wasn't invited to any of the cool parties," the self-deprecating Wesley told Teen Vogue. "Girls didn't like me that much. I didn't even go to my prom." Though the New Jersey native attended Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, New Jersey, and Marlboro High School for some time, he was cast in the soap opera The Guiding Light during his junior year of high school.

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Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin tried to put on a happy face about her pregnancy while her mother was running for vice president in 2008, but the teen mom missed out on many adolescent opportunities, prom included. Palin told People that she skipped prom for financial reasons when she was pregnant with son, Tripp. "I don't have that kind of time. And the dress is, like, $400, and the shoes, hair, makeup—it's way too expensive," she said. Still, she admitted she was disappointed, saying missing out on that opportunity, " kind of sucked, to tell you the truth." Though the oldest Palin daughter did graduate from Wasilla High School in May 2009, she also revealed there was baby spit-up on her dress and she was unable to attend her friends' graduation parties.