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Celebrity Weddings: Tara Reid Faked Nuptials (Photos)

Hold on to that gift for Tara Reid. From Katy Perry to Piers Morgan, the stars and their sham weddings.

Tara Reid just admitted that she didn’t really get married in August. See the sham ceremonies of Katy Perry, LeAnn Rimes—and Paris Hilton and Piers Morgan!?

Tara Reid and Zack Kehayov

If it seemed odd that Tara Reid would agree to be locked inside the UK Celebrity Big Brother house just days after wedding Zack Kehayov back in August, there may be a good explanation for it—Reid now says she never actually got married. When a TMZ cameraman caught Reid at LAX on Monday, he asked if she and Kehayov would win on The Newlywed Game. “No, we would lose,” the American Pie star said, “because we never really got married ... it was never legal.” And yet, Reid tweeted that she loved “being a wife” and posted photos from her honeymoon in Greece. Still, if you haven’t sent them a fake wedding gift yet, you can probably hold off.

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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

In 2009, as Jennifer Aniston approached her 40th birthday, there were countless tabloid headlines insisting that her boyfriend, John Mayer, was going to marry her. So the mischievous musician decided to have a little fun at the media’s expense. "Visiting the Diamond Exchange in Tustin," he tweeted one day, setting off a mini-frenzy. And then, "Welding an engagement ring for my girlfriend." But within weeks the couple had broken up, reportedly because he spent too much time on Twitter.

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

After ending their respective marriages to be with one another, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian began a relationship that was destined to include “I do”s. Then last Oct. 31, Cibrian tweeted a photo of himself on one knee in front of an apparently shocked Rimes. “I couldn’t resist,” he wrote. But the photo—taken in front of a White Chapel Asylum truck—was just a little Halloween prank. A few months later, however, the couple got engaged for real, and in April 2011 they got married in an actual ceremony before friends and family.

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Nicki Minaj and Drake

After declaring his feelings in the song “Miss Me”—"I love Nicki Minaj/ I told her I'd admit it/ I hope one day we get married just to say we f--king did it/ And girl, I'm f--king serious/ I'm with it if you with it/ 'Cause your verses turn me on, and your pants are mighty fitted"—Drake apparently made it official last August. "Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham,” he tweeted, “and dont stare at her too long. She's finally mine. :)." Drizzy’s bride soon upped the ante, retweeting his love note and adding, “Yes, its true. Drake and I tied the knot.” But the two Young Money stars were just in it for the young funny—it was all a joke.

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Katy Perry

Years before she was “Waking Up in Vegas,” Katy Perry decided to have a sham wedding there with her then-boyfriend. “I was 21,” she explained to PopEater. “We went to Vegas on a whim and we decided to get fake married. We took all the pictures with the minister, with the fake cake, in the fake chapel and got a fake marriage certificate. We went and bought a wedding dress and a suit at a thrift store, and scanned the pictures and the certificate to my family members, my manager at the time [and] totally freaked the s--t out of them. It was the most hilarious, stupid prank I’ve ever pulled. I still have the wedding dress and the certificate.”

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Almost immediately after footage of their 2008 wedding ceremony in Mexico was released, there were questions about whether Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag faked their elopement. A few months later, the stars of The Hills admitted as much and got married in a legal made-for-TV ceremony, which they later called “a nightmare.” Then, just to keep things interesting, Speidi also had a fake separation, followed by a November 2010 renewal of their wedding vows. “This feels like our first real marriage,” Montag told Entertainment Tonight. “Like our first restart. We deserve a second chance at our marriage and really having this moment and not being robbed of this.” And presumably there wasn’t a wet eye in the house.

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Kate Moss and Pete Doherty

The British tabloids were breathless in January 2007 reporting that Kate Moss had “secretly married” her boyfriend, musician Pete Doherty, in a Buddhist ceremony on the Thai island of Phuket. A day later, however, her spokesman issued a firm denial: "Contrary to various entirely false media reports today, there has not been any kind of marriage ceremony in Thailand. She is on holiday." But that didn’t stop Fleet Street from speculating that the couple would make it official soon in London. Moss never did marry Doherty—the couple broke up in 2008—but she wed her new musician boyfriend, Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, in July 2011.

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Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern

Less than three weeks after the death of her son Daniel, Anna Nicole Smith married her longtime attorney and confidant Howard K. Stern in the Bahamas. "Howard and Anna were both crying and kissing and holding hands,” a witness told People magazine in September 2006. “It was kind of sad and happy at the same time." It turned out, however, that the vows were part of a nonbinding commitment ceremony and were further complicated by the fact that Stern claimed to be the father of her daughter, Dannilynn. When Smith herself died in February 2007, Stern (who was not Dannilynn’s father) said the two had planned to marry for real. "We were going to make everything legally binding in less than two weeks," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I can't even talk about it."

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Paris Hilton and Piers Morgan

Despite the fact that he was already engaged at the time, Piers Morgan married Paris Hilton in a December 2009 Las Vegas ceremony with an Elvis impersonator and a Marilyn look-alike as witnesses. “You know what it’s like,” Morgan told the Daily Mail of his quickie wedding, “you have a few drinks, spend too long on the blackjack table, get overexcited and decide to do something silly. I have to say, Paris scrubbed up to be a beautiful bride. It was magical.” And it was all a sham; Morgan taped the nuptials for his British TV show. But even he worried that the “I do”s might be legit. “Well, I don’t think I signed anything, so I’m pretty sure it’s not actually legal,” he said. “Having said that, we did go through all the vows, so I can’t be entirely sure.”