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  1. WASHINGTON SHUFFLE Obama to Announce New Cabinet Members Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    1. Obama to Announce New Cabinet Members

    Soon the guessing game will be over. Senior White House officials said Tuesday that President Obama will likely announce his picks for secretaries of state and defense within the next two weeks. On the alleged short list for the top Pentagon spot is none other than former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel. According to White House sources, the president is still thinking of nominating embattled U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice for secretary of state, but has concerns she would face a tough confirmation battle because of her comments on the Benghazi attack. The White House is still deciding whether it will roll out the new nominations one by one, or wait to announce them all together later this month.

    December 4, 2012 5:41 PM

  2. RIOT Cairo Protesters Approach Palace AFP

    2. Cairo Protesters Approach Palace

    Protesters in Egypt approached the perimeter of the presidential palace on Tuesday, as demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi continue. Riot police fired tear gas at the protesters, which numbered in the several hundreds as they chanted “Leave, leave” and “No to the Constitution.” "The president left the palace," a presidential source tells Reuters. Morsi declared last month that he intended to ban all legal opposition—a move that has set off weeks of protests against both him and his party, the powerful Muslim Brotherhood.

    December 4, 2012 3:00 PM

  3. FISCAL CLIFF Obama: Tax Increases a Must Alex Wong / Getty Images

    3. Obama: Tax Increases a Must

    Cue the conservative handwringing. President Obama reiterated Tuesday that any deal made to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff must include tax increases on the wealthiest Americans. "What I'm going to an acknowledgment that folks like me can pay a little bit higher rate," the president said, adding that he’s also willing to entertain entitlement reforms. The White House and House Republicans have presented competing plans to bring down the debt, arguing the government must close loopholes to raise revenue, but not raise taxes on the country’s top earners.

    December 4, 2012 3:20 PM

  4. ALL DONE N. Korea Finishes Long-Range Rocket AP Photo

    4. N. Korea Finishes Long-Range Rocket

    Is North Korea one step closer to blast off? The country has finished the final stage of installing a long-range rocket on its launch pad, South Korean officials reported Wednesday. It’s likely that North Korea will go ahead with the launch, despite being encouraged not to by the U.N. The launch is expected to take place some time between Dec. 10 and 12. North Korea claims that rocket will put a “working satellite” into orbit, but it’s largely suspected, Yonhap News Agency reports, that its true purpose is to “test intercontinental ballistsic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.”

    December 4, 2012 10:52 PM

  5. ON THE RUN McAfee Seeking Asylum in Guatemala JOHAN ORDONEZ / AFP

    5. McAfee Seeking Asylum in Guatemala

    Time for a new round of “Where in the World is John McAfee?” The 67-year-old anti-virus software pioneer, a person of interest in the November murder of an American on the island of Ambergris Caye, has fled to Guatemala and is seeking political asylum there. McAfee and his 20-year-old girlfriend left Belize, where his lawyer said he was “persecuted politically because he stopped financing the government.” McAfee, who is accompanied by journalists from Vice magazine, said he will hold a news conference on Wednesday about his travails.

    December 4, 2012 7:17 PM

  6. HIGH TIME Poll: Record Support for Legalizing Pot Raul Arboleda / AFP / GettyImages

    6. Poll: Record Support for Legalizing Pot

    Put this in your pipe and smoke it: a Public Policy Poll released Tuesday finds a record majority of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. Close to 60 percent of voters say pot should be legal, while only 39 percent were against it, according to the survey. Forty-seven percent of respondents said that the federal government should not interfere with the new ballot measures passed in Colorado and Washington that made recreational marijuana use legal for those 21 and older. The Obama administration hasn’t indicated whether it will try to stop implementation of the new laws.

    December 4, 2012 3:51 PM

  7. DIG IT

    7. Scientists Discover Likely Oldest Dinosaur

    Somewhere, Ross Geller is freaking out. New information about fossilized bones that were unearthed in Tanzania in the 1930s reveal that they may be from the oldest dinosaur ever found. The dino is called the Nyasasaurus, weighed between 45 and 135 pounds, and lived on the mega-continent Pangaea around 243 million years ago. It predates all other discovered dinosaurs by 10 to 15 million years. It took so long for this information to surface—more than 80 years—because the necessary scanning technology wasn’t available until today. Can you geek it?

    December 4, 2012 8:40 PM

  8. BENCHED Fox News: Keep Rove Off Air Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    8. Fox News Pushing Rove Off Air

    Should we send Megyn Kelly in to make sure this is true? Fox News programming chief Bill Shine has issued a directive to the network’s producers mandating that they obtain permission before booking Karl Rove or Dick Morris for future shows. The order reportedly comes from higher up, with Fox News chief Roger Ailes apparently humiliated by Rove’s election-night antics. A Fox spokesperson confirmed the benching, saying that Shine is sending the message that “the election’s over.”

    December 4, 2012 7:35 PM

  9. Shocking Subway Push Suspect Implicated Himself

    9. Subway Push Suspect Implicated Himself

    The NYPD is saying that the man they believed pushed 58-year-old Ki Suk Han onto the subway tracks yesterday afternoon implicated himself during questioning Tuesday. What exactly the suspect said isn't clear. According to investigators, police took the suspect into custody after seeing his image "at various locations and found people who knew him," but will not identify him at this time. Witnesses say they were unable to help Han because they had all gathered on the other end of the platform to avoid the very panhandler suspected of pushing Han. The New York Post photographer who took the controversial photo of the murder tried to explain himself Tuesday by saying, "I wanted to help him, but I couldn't figure out how to help."

    December 4, 2012 5:00 PM

  10. LEGALLY BRUNETTE? Ashley Judd Mulling Senate Run Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    10. Ashley Judd Mulling Senate Run

    What’s better than playing a politician in a movie? For Ashley Judd, the answer may be becoming one herself. The actress is reportedly exploring a 2014 Senate bid, in which she would take on longtime Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell. For Judd, the move isn’t as much of a stretch as one might think. She’s an eighth-generation Kentuckian, extremely politically active, and could raise loads of cash for the Democratic party in the state. Politico reports that Judd has discussed running with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), and has a pollster researching her standing in the state. “She is doing all the things that a serious candidate exploring a race should do,” Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said.

    December 4, 2012 3:48 PM

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  12. KNOPE APPROVED Gingrich to Be on ‘Parks and Rec’ Mario Tama / Getty Images

    11. Gingrich to Be on ‘Parks and Rec’

    Did Newt Gingrich just want to beat out Vice President Joe Biden? The former GOP candidate will guest star in an upcoming episode of the NBC political comedy Parks and Recreation, the show announced on Monday. But Gingrich’s cameo was no pre-booked affair: the cast ran into Gingrich while filming a scene on location at a real-life Indianapolis diner, and decided to incorporate Gingrich into the scene. “It was a completely random chance,” said co-creator Mike Schur. “But you can’t pass up an opportunity like that.” Parks and Rec is quickly becoming a must-have experience in Washington, with past guest stars this season including Biden and Sens. John McCain, Olympia Snowe, and Barbara Boxer.

    December 4, 2012 7:07 AM

  13. EDITRIX Anna Wintour to Be Ambassador? Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images

    12. Anna Wintour to Be Ambassador?

    Will they call the tell-all The Devil in the Embassy? Vogue editor Anna Wintour is reportedly being considered by President Obama for an ambassador position in either Britain or France—but she may not even want it. Obama is said to want to thank his biggest fundraisers—including Wintour—with ambassador gigs, although she could face serious competition from other top supporters. But a Vogue spokeswoman insisted Wintour is not interested in the position, saying the 25-year veteran editor is “very happy with her current job.”

    December 4, 2012 7:05 AM

  14. SIEGE NATO to Deploy Missiles to Turkey Narciso Contreras / AP Photo

    13. NATO to Deploy Missiles to Turkey

    NATO agreed Tuesday to deploy missiles to Turkey, a NATO official told Reuters. The news came on the same day a Turkish official said that Russia is on board to find ways to convince Assad to step down. President Obama on Monday warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that there would be “consequences” if chemical weapons are used in that country’s bloody civil war, which has so far claimed tens of thousands of lives. “The world is watching,” Obama said. Syrian state media quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying the country would “never under any circumstances” use chemical weapons—“if such weapons exist.” Meanwhile, a rebel mortar attack on a school has reportedly killed 29 students and a teacher near Damascus on Tuesday.

    December 4, 2012 1:03 PM

  15. Fiscal Cliff Dems Rebuff GOP Counteroffer J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

    14. Dems Rebuff GOP Counteroffer

    A White House spokesman responded to the GOP's fiscal cliff counteroffer late Monday, saying it "does not meet the test of balance." Erskine Bowles of the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission also criticized the offer. The proposal from House Republicans calls for $800 billion in tax increases, about half of what Obama proposed, which Republicans say can be achieved without raising tax rates. The proposal cuts $4.6 million from the deficit over ten years and saves $600 million from Medicare and other health programs.

    December 3, 2012 10:21 PM

  16. SCARY

    15. Dozens Sickened at Georgia School

    Forty-two students and seven teachers were hospitalized Monday after potentially lethal levels of carbon-monoxide poisoning were found at an Atlanta elementary school. Five hundred were evacuated, authorities said, as young children with oxygen masks strapped to their faces were led off on gurneys. The school reportedly did not have carbon-monoxide detectors—which are not required by Georgia law—and firefighters said they found deadly levels of carbon monoxide near a furnace at the school. Superintendent Erroll Davis said the school is investigating the cause of the leak.

    December 4, 2012 7:01 AM

  17. BULLET DODGING Ailes Told Petraeus to Run for President Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

    16. Ailes Told Petraeus to Run for President

    The Petraeus scandal could have been a whole lot more embarrassing for the U.S. government. Back in 2011, Fox News chairman and Republican media czar Roger Ailes advised Gen. David Petraeus—then the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan—to run for president, The Washington Post reports. In a message passed to Petraeus by Fox News national-security analyst Kathleen T. McFarland, Ailes told the general that he should turn down President Obama’s offer to become CIA director and only accept an appointment as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Should he not get the appointment, Ailes said Petraeus should launch a presidential campaign, which he was considering retiring from Fox News to manage himself. Rupert Murdoch was apparently also keen on a Petraeus presidential run.

    December 3, 2012 11:15 PM

  18. GREAT WHITE WAY 2012 Best Year in Broadway History Joan Marcus / Elf the Musical on Broadway via Getty Images

    17. 2012 Best Year in Broadway History

    That’s showbiz? 2012 was the best year in Broadway history, with record numbers of attendance and grosses, the Broadway League announced on Monday. The Broadway box office came in at just under $1.14 billion for the year, the strongest 52-week season in history, according to Charlotte St. Martin, the League’s executive director. Tourists accounted for 63.4 percent of all ticket sales, with international tourists accounting for 18.4 percent of all admission to Broadway shows. Playgoers tended to be more frequent theatergoers than those who attended musicals, and 67 percent of all attendees were female.

    December 4, 2012 7:04 AM

  19. BACKUP PLAN Mitt Had Plan for 47 Percent Remarks Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    18. Mitt Had Plan for 47 Percent Remarks

    At least he had a plan even if he didn’t win the White House. In comments made public yesterday, Mitt Romney’s campaign said they had a five-point plan to deal with the infamous leaked video of the GOP candidate’s “47 percent” remark. When the video of Romney saying that he wouldn’t be able to win over “47 percent” of the American people in mid-September, the campaign was already fighting negative press for the convention and Romney’s poor response to the Benghazi attack. First on the agenda: win the Oct. 3 debate. The other parts of the plan included sending out surrogates, have Romney give big speeches, reexamination of resources in key states, and, finally, have Romney stand behind a podium and shout his speeches—so as to sound presidential.

    December 4, 2012 6:42 AM

  20. Mysterious Gov. Brewer Leaves AZ for a Week Darryl Webb / Reuters / Landov

    19. Gov. Brewer Leaves AZ for a Week

    Appalachian Trail, part two? Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has been out of state for a mysterious work trip for nearly a week, but her aides will not say where she has gone. Brewer missed an event on Monday, and Secretary of State Ken Bennett had to sign election documents during the event as acting governor. A spokesperson for Bennett said that the office had received the customary notification that Brewer would be gone from Sunday to Saturday but had no additional information on her whereabouts. Brewer’s spokesperson said only that the governor was out of state on official business, adding, “That is all I can disclose at this time.”

    December 4, 2012 12:40 PM

  21. PHOTOGRAPHIC Lawyers: Look at Zimmerman’s Nose! Sanford Police Department / AP Photo

    20. Lawyers: Look at Zimmerman’s Nose!

    George Zimmerman’s attorneys say that a newly released color photo of their client’s broken and bleeding nose after the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin casts doubts on the strength of the murder case against Zimmerman. They also released a motion asking police investigator William Irwin to take another deposition after they learned of a conversation in which Irwin claimed to have heard Martin’s father tell a police officer that the screams for help in the 911 calls did not sound like his son. In the motion, Zimmerman’s attorneys call the new developments “significant,” saying “the primary issue in this case, if not the sole issue to be decided either by this court at a Self Defense Immunity hearing or by a jury at trial is whether Zimmerman was acting in self-defense.”

    December 4, 2012 11:52 AM

  22. BENGHAZI Report: CIA Edited Libya Talking Points Chris Usher, CBS News / AP Photo

    21. Report: CIA Edited Libya Talking Points

    The CIA heavily edited what information would go into the intelligence summary sent to the White House, a report in the Wall Street Journal claimed on Tuesday. Now known as the famous “talking points” that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice repeated on the Sunday talk shows—which became a major rallying cry for Republicans questioning Rice and the White House’s knowledge of the Benghazi attack that claimed the lives of the U.S. ambassador and three others. The 94-word intelligence summary was written after two dozen officials had a daylong email debate that watered down the evidence until it scrubbed all mention of al Qaeda.

    December 4, 2012 8:50 AM

  23. The Defeated Mitt Romney Goes to Costco Don Emmert, AFP / Getty Images

    22. Mitt Romney Goes to Costco

    They really do shop at Costco. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, went on a shopping spree Tuesday at a Costco near their home in La Jolla, Calif.—at least according to some shots snapped of the couple. The Romneys bought two shopping carts’ worth of supplies, including paper plates, Dixie cups, wrapping paper, V8 juice drinks, pretzel snacks, Bisquick, and bottled water. However, their shopping trip did not just boost the U.S. economy. Romney and his wife also purchased a model car—that was made in China.

    December 4, 2012 1:47 PM

  24. ROYAL BABY Kate Middleton Stays in Hospital Sang Tan / AP Photo

    23. Kate Middleton Stays in Hospital

    The Duchess of Cambridge, pregnant with her and Prince William’s first child, will remain in the hospital for a second day with hyperemesis gravidarum, or extreme morning sickness. St. James’s Palace issued a statement on Monday saying the duchess is expected to stay in the hospital for several days for the rare condition, which causes vomiting, severe nausea, and dehydration. But hyperemesis is a condition that is more common among women expecting twins, causing some speculation. The Duke of Cambridge spent Monday at the hospital with his wife.

    December 4, 2012 6:37 AM

  25. SENATE VOTE GOP Blocks U.N. Treaty Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    24. GOP Blocks U.N. Treaty

    The Senate on Tuesday failed to pass a U.N. treaty designed to ban discrimination against people with disabilities. The final vote tally was 61–38, which fell five votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to ratify a treaty. Eight Republicans voted with the Democrats, but most Senate GOPers opposed the bill on the grounds that it would make it easier to get abortions and make it more difficult for people to home-school disabled children. The measure was supported by President Obama and former senator Bob Dole.

    December 4, 2012 2:04 PM

  26. MURKY Iran: We Have U.S. Drone PRNewsFoto, Insitu, Inc. / AP Photo

    25. Iran: We Have U.S. Drone

    Better check to see that drone says “Made in the USA,” Iran. The Iranian state media said Tuesday that the country had captured a U.S. drone over the Persian Gulf, but the U.S. Navy quickly issued a statement saying none were actually missing. According to the state-run news agency IRNA—who cited Iranian Revolutionary Guard sources—the drone was captured as soon as it entered Iranian airspace. The Revolutionary Guard said the drone is a ScanEagle, but a U.S. Navy spokesman in Bahrain insisted “we have no record that we have lost any ScanEagles recently.” The U.S. Navy insisted they had accounted for all drones.

    December 4, 2012 6:35 AM

  27. CALIFORNIA Judge Blocks Gay Therapy Ban Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    26. Judge Blocks Gay Therapy Ban

    For California legislation, it's one step forward, two steps back. U.S. District Judge William Shubb ruled Monday that California cannot enforce a new ban on “gay conversion” therapy, which aims to convert the sexual orientation of minors. The new law, SB 1172, could inhibit the First Amendment rights of therapists who oppose homosexuality, according to Shubb. The ban on conversion therapy was one of the signature laws passed in the previous legislative session, with Brown claiming the practice belongs in the “dustbin of quackery.” The law was set to take effect in January.

    December 4, 2012 2:58 PM

  28. Celebrity Justice Dolce and Gabbana on Trial Olivier Morin, AFP / Getty Images

    27. Dolce and Gabbana on Trial

    We forget, is crime in this season? Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, two of the fashion industry’s biggest names, are going on trial in Italy on charges of tax evasion. The designers stand accused of evading tax payments on more than 1 billion Euros, and face up to five years in prison. Prosecutors say the pair owes over 400 billion Euros in taxes and allege that the two sold their D&G and Dolce & Gabbana brands to a holding company in Luxembourg in an effort to cut their tax liability. This isn’t the first time the designers have had trouble with taxes—they were acquitted of tax fraud in April 2011.

    December 4, 2012 5:15 PM

  29. ‘I Killed Her’ Belcher’s Last Moments Revealed Jamie Squire

    28. Belcher’s Last Moments Revealed

    Days after the tragic murder-suicide that rocked the sporting world, details continue to emerge about Jovan Belcher’s final hours in the lead-up to the act. The Kansas City Star is reporting that the night before the murder, Belcher spent the night at another woman’s apartment, where he stayed until 6 a.m. Police reportedly had contact with Belcher around 2:50 a.m., after neighbors called 911 to report a suspicious parked car outside the woman’s home. Seconds before the NFL linebacker shot his longtime girlfriend the next day, he allegedly kissed her forehead and apologized. Belcher then reportedly apologized to his mother, who claims she heard gunfire after an alleged altercation between the couple, and kissed his 3-month-old daughter before driving to the Kansas City Chiefs stadium, where he turned the gun on himself. Belcher reportedly confessed to police officers before killing himself.

    December 4, 2012 3:30 PM