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  1. wishing, waiting Girl, 10, Moved to Adult Transplant List CNN

    1. Girl, 10, Moved to Adult Transplant List

    A 10-year-old girl dying of cystic fibrosis has been moved to an adult transplant list after a federal judge in Philadelphia granted the temporary request due to her severe condition. Sarah Murnaghan has been in the Children's Hospital for three months. Rules for organ transplants stipulate children under 12 must wait for pediatric lungs, but her parents say that rarely occurs, and the girl's doctors say they can perform a successful transplant using adult lungs.

    June 5, 2013 10:37 PM

  2. Who's Killing Who? Report: CIA Unsure of Drone Victims Anthony Jeuland/AP

    2. Report: CIA Unsure of Drone Victims

    The CIA wasn’t always aware of the affiliations of its drone-strike targets, according to NBC-reviewed classified intelligence reports. When 600 people were killed by drones in a 14-month period in Pakistan, one in four of those were called “other militants” because the CIA could not determine affiliations. Some reports also showed discrepancies between how many people were killed in an attack. Officials say none killed were noncombatants, except for the girlfriend or wife of an al Qaeda leader—a number that drone experts call “not believable.”

    June 5, 2013 7:30 PM

  3. life changer 84-Year-Old Wins $590M Powerball Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

    3. 84-Year-Old Wins $590M Powerball

    Welcome to the millionaires club, Gloria. An 84-year-old Florida woman has come forward to claim the record $590.5 million Powerball jackpot. Gloria Mackenzie bought the ticket at a Publix supermarket in the 13,000-person town of Zephyrhills, according to officials at a press conference Wednesday. She didn't attend, but elected to have her winnings in one pre-tax $370.8 million payment.

    June 5, 2013 3:05 PM

  4. bad life choices Elmo Busted for Girl Scout Extortion Spencer Platt/Getty

    4. Elmo Busted for Girl Scout Extortion

    Elmos, behave. On Wednesday, Dan Sandler, previously known as the Elmo performer who was arrested for yelling anti-Semitic slurs in New York last year, was arraigned on charges of extortion and stalking. Sandler reportedly sent harassing emails to Girl Scouts of the USA supervisors, threatening to allege sexual abuse if they didn't pay him $2 million. District Attorney Cy Vance said the former Elmo performer-turned-criminal was attempting to use his "widely publicized criminal history" to steal money from the Girl Scouts. Sandler had worked for girls' organization in 2007 as a computer programmer.

    June 5, 2013 9:28 PM

  5. Big Brother NSA Collecting Millions of Verizon Records Charles Dharapak/AP

    5. NSA Collecting Millions of Verizon Records

    Be careful, they're listening. According to a bombshell new report, the National Security Agency has been collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon customers since a top-secret order was issued in April. The Guardian cites the order as saying Verizon has to give the NSA information on all calls—both domestic and those placed between the U.S. and other countries. It was granted by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and stipulates the numbers of both parties, the location data, time of call, and call duration be handed over between April 25 and July 19. Normally, this type of court order is used for a specific suspect and not indiscriminately, as it is now.

    'Somebody's gotta go to jail for something.' Watch these amateur Internet pundits scold the government for collecting phone records.

    June 5, 2013 7:45 PM

  6. Chilling Sergeant Bales Details Afghan Massacre Jangir/AFP/Getty

    6. Sergeant Bales Details Afghan Massacre

    Sgt. Robert Bales, charged with killing 16 Afghan civilians, has no explanation for why he opened fire on two family compounds in March 2012, he told a military courtroom in Washington. "I've asked that question a million times since then, and there's not a good reason in the world for why I did the horrible things I did," he said. Bales, who has pleaded guilty to all charges but one in a deal to avoid the death penalty, told the judge details of each killing, which included women and children. A military jury in August will decide if his life sentence includes possibility of parole.

    June 5, 2013 5:06 PM

  7. NEVER MIND TSA: No Knives on Planes Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    7. TSA: No Knives on Planes

    The TSA was planning to let passengers carry small knives on planes for the first time since September 11, when Congress put the kibosh on it. After a backlash from lawmakers, airlines, and the public, the TSA tells the Associated Press it won’t be moving forward with the plan. A bipartisan group of 145 House Representatives wrote a letter to TSA head John Pistole last month urging him to reconsider the proposed changes, calling them “dangerous, unnecessary and irresponsible.” The new guidelines, originally announced in March, had already been delayed since April.

    June 5, 2013 3:36 PM

  8. Tragedy Self-Help Radio Hosts Commit Suicide LynRos7, via YouTube

    8. Self-Help Radio Hosts Commit Suicide

    A Brooklyn couple who hosted a popular self-help radio show were found dead in their Park Slope apartment Monday in what police now say was a double suicide. Lynne Rosen, 46, and John Littig, 48, were found on their couch donning plastic bags around their heads. The pair left behind suicide notes saying they were sorry, but they had to end their lives together. Rosen, a psychotherapist, and Littig, a motivational speaker, often talked about embracing change on their radio show, The Pursuit of Happiness. The exact day of their death remains unclear.

    June 5, 2013 5:52 PM

  9. BUH-BYE IRS Suspends Two Officials Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    9. IRS Suspends Two Officials

    When it rains it pours. On the heels of two other scandals at the IRS, the agency announced Wednesday that two managers have been put on administrative leave for violating ethical standards by accepting free gifts at a conference. Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel said that the pair engaged in “clearly inappropriate behavior” by having free food delivered to their suites and that he started the process of terminating their employment. The agency came under fire mid-May for singling out conservative groups in the 2012 election. A separate investigation into spending at the agency suggests they spent $4.1 million on a training event. Werfel is set to testify on the matter in court Thursday.




    June 5, 2013 4:33 PM

  10. EVERY DAY I’M HECKLIN’ Michelle Obama Confronts Heckler Jacquelyn Martin/AP

    10. Michelle Obama Confronts Heckler

    President Obama reacted pretty coolly when confronted by a protester two weeks ago—but then again, maybe he has more practice with hecklers. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, threatened to leave a fundraiser Tuesday night after she was confronted by a heckler—and “came right into [the protester’s] face.” “One of the things I don’t do well is this,” Obama said, according to the transcript. According to the pool report, Obama “left the lectern and went up to the protester” and said “listen to me or take the mike, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.” The protester, Ellen Sturtz, a lesbian activist, was then escorted out of the room. Sturtz said she was “taken aback” by Obama’s response.

    Listen to a recording of the confrontation.

    June 5, 2013 6:43 AM

  11. CUTE OLD GUY Scientists Find Oldest Primate Fossil Modern day lemurs, 2010. (Thomas Lohnes/AFP/Getty)

    11. Scientists Find Oldest Primate Fossil

    Take a good look at this cute little monkey-like creature: it’s similar to the oldest known primate that ever roamed the earth. Scientists have discovered a 55-million-year-old skeleton that offers the best idea of what our earliest close cousins would have been like at that time. A study published Wednesday in the journal Nature reveals that the smallest-known mammals weighed one ounce or less and lived on a diet of insects. The primates were “very frenetic creatures, anxious, highly caffeinated animals running around looking for their next meal,” according to the study author. They may not be our direct ancestors, but it sounds like they had some very human characteristics.  

    June 5, 2013 2:40 PM

  12. RED-CARPET DOPING Lindsey Vonn Drug-Tested in Gown

    12. Lindsey Vonn Drug-Tested in Gown

    She probably just looked too good in that gown. According to the New York Post's Page Six, skier Lindsey Vonn took a drug test at the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards—while in her glamorous dress. Vonn, who’s dating Tiger Woods, was hanging out at New York’s Lincoln Center when she got a call from the International Olympic Committee. She then met officials in a bathroom at the event, where the procedure lasted five minutes. What happened: Vonn was told to “pee in a cup,” the test was clean, and she was told to go “have fun.”

    June 5, 2013 8:43 AM

  13. Think Outside the Bun Taco Bell Fires Taco Licker Steve Helber/AP

    13. Taco Bell Fires Taco Licker

    One California Taco Bell worker really loves tacos—too much, says the fast-food chain that fired him after a photo of the uniformed employee licking a stack of shells posted on the company’s Facebook page went viral. The photo was taken as part of a contest where employees were instructed to submit pictures of themselves “enjoying their first bite of the product.” In a statement, Taco Bell attempted to allay fears of disgusted diners everywhere saying that the shells were only being used during a training exercise and were on their way to the trash bin—not to customers. Still, ew.

    June 5, 2013 11:53 AM

  14. COPYCATS U.S. Bans iPhone and iPad Models Adrees Latif/Reuters/Landov (Samsung Galaxy S4), Yves Herman/Reuters/Landov (iPhone 5)

    14. U.S. Bans iPhone and iPad Models

    Good news for Craigslist. On Tuesday a U.S. trade agency banned the sale of certain iPhone and iPad models for infringing a Samsung patent. The ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission, if upheld by President Obama, would confirm that Apple duplicated the competition's technology in the older devices that function through AT&T's network, including the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, and the iPad 2 3G. It will take effect in 60 days. Apple has affirmed it will appeal the decision.

    June 4, 2013 10:32 PM

  15. SERIOUSLY? Georgia Sen.: ‘Hormones’ Cause Military Rape J. Scott Applewhite/AP

    15. Georgia Sen.: ‘Hormones’ Cause Military Rape

    Oh, God, here we go. Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss said Tuesday that “hormones” are responsible for sexual assault in the armed forces during a Senate hearing on the subject. “The young folks that are coming into your service are anywhere between 17 to 22, 23. Gee whiz, the hormone level created by nature sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur,” Chambliss said. Although, to be fair, Chambliss was pushing for more action on the epidemic problem of rape in the military, despite his somewhat off-color remarks. Republicans already started distancing themselves from Chambliss, with Ohio Rep. Mike Turner saying, “Perpetuating this line of thinking does nothing to change the culture of our military.”

    Watch Saxby Chambliss make his controversial comments on sexual assault in the military.

    June 5, 2013 7:12 AM

  16. PRETTY AS A… Behold: The Perfect Pinterest Picture Pinterest

    16. Behold: The Perfect Pinterest Picture

    Crisp veggies. A crocheted doily. Soft light. Apparently, that’s the recipe for the perfect Pinterest photo. And it comes from Paula Deen, of all people. After sampling 500,000 pictures, startup company Curalate used data scientists and a characteristics system to determine Pinterest’s top photo. “Aunt Peggy’s Cucumber, Tomato, and Onion Salad” has accrued a whopping 307,000 repins, 8,000 likes, and 300 comments. “In other words, that image killed it,” Curalate CEO Apu Gupta said. The company also found that most popular photos are devoid of human faces, have lots of red colors, and are shot against a plain background—just something to keep in mind during your mid-afternoon Pinterest prowls.  

    June 5, 2013 3:42 PM

  17. He’s Back Olbermann Returns to TV Mark J. Terrill/AP

    17. Olbermann Returns to TV

    After a nasty legal battle with his former employer, Current TV, Keith Olberman is getting back to his roots: sports coverage. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former MSNBC and Current anchor will be heading up TBS’s coverage of the baseball playoffs this October. Olbermann, who is a huge baseball fan with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the game, began his career covering sports for CNN in 1981 and later became one of ESPN’s first SportsCenter anchors. His latest gig will have him covering basball with Dennis Eckersley in Atlanta. Olberman has proven to be a difficult employee, sparring with his bosses at Current, MSNBC, ESPN, and Fox Sports Network.

    June 5, 2013 11:56 AM

  18. NOT SO SPECIAL ANYMORE Google Glass Bans Porn Seth Wenig/AP

    18. Google Glass Bans Porn

    If you can’t use Google Glass for porn, who will buy it? Google on Tuesday banned apps that deliver sexually explicit material on the futurist glasses—just a day after one was introduced that would allow users to look at photos and watch films on the glasses. Well, all in good fun, right? Maybe not: MiKandi, the company that created the app, said it was working on developing software that would have first-person point-of-view videos and enable one-on-one interactions between adults who use Google Glass. MiKandi said it would comply with Google’s new standards.

    June 5, 2013 7:24 AM

  19. Disaster 6 Dead in Philly Building Collapse NBC10

    19. 6 Dead in Philly Building Collapse

    At about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, a four-story building collapsed onto a two-story structure in downtown Philadelphia, killing six people and injuring at least 13. Authorities say that at least a dozen were hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries. Rescue crews descended on the scene immediately after the collapse, digging through the rubble in search of survivors. The effort continued into the night. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration says it's investigating whether the buildings complied with safety standards, and early reports from the police indicate it may have been caused by an industrial accident from nearby construction crews.

    June 5, 2013 11:15 PM

  20. SHAKE-UP Obama Names Rice to Head NSC Alex Wong/Getty

    20. Obama Names Rice to Head NSC

    President Obama has named U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice—a central figure in the Benghazi scandal—as the new national-security adviser. Rice will replace Tom Donilon, who resigned Wednesday morning, as the head of the National Security Council. "I am absolutely thrilled that she’ll be back at my side leading my national-security team in my second term," Obama told reporters. Rice had been rumored to become the next secretary of State, but Republicans vowed to block her nomination. Now it appears the White House is getting the last laugh, since the national-security adviser does not need Senate confirmation.

    Announcing his new National Security Advisor, President Obama called Susan Rice 'outstanding.'

    June 5, 2013 2:30 PM

  21. BATTLE Syrian Army Retakes Key Town AFP/Getty

    21. Syrian Army Retakes Key Town

    The Syrian Army on Wednesday retook the strategic town of Qusayr, the center of intense fighting for the past two weeks. Near the Lebanese border, the Syrian Army had been helped in the battle by Hezbollah fighters, prompting the leader of the Free Syrian Army to say that his fighters were prepared to take the battle inside Lebanon. Syrian state TV said a large number of rebels had died and many had surrendered. The rebels admitted that they had withdrawn overnight. Meanwhile, a missile struck near the town of Aleppo on Tuesday, killing 26 people, with reported casualities on both sides.

    June 5, 2013 6:47 AM

  22. NEWTOWN Lawmakers Block Release of Sandy Hook Photos Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    22. Sandy Hook Photos Blocked

    Connecticut lawmakers have overwhelmingly passed a bill to prevent the release of images taken after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and other killings across the state. The bill creates an exemption to the state's Freedom of Information Act to keep crime-scene images private if they “could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of the victim or the victim’s surviving family members.” Gov. Dannel Malloy, who worked with legislators to fast-track the bill, hasn't yet signed it but is expected to shortly.


    June 5, 2013 12:31 PM

  23. DANGEROUS LIVES Discovery Channel Special for Storm Chasers Marion Cunningham/Discovery Channel, via AP

    23. Discovery Special for Storm Chasers

    The Discovery Channel will air a special Wednesday to honor three storm chasers who were killed May 31 in a deadly tornado. The series Storm Chasers had chronicled the dangerous lives of Carl Young, Tim Samarus, and his son, Paul Samaras, who served as videographer. The three were gathering scientific data about the May 31 tornado in Oklahoma City when they were killed. “Mile Wide Tornado: Storm Chasers Tribute” will have highlights from past episodes, as well as focus on the May 20 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, that killed 24.

    June 5, 2013 7:17 AM

  24. POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME Pamela Anderson Ad Banned

    24. Pamela Anderson Ad Banned

    Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is making waves in the advertising world. In an ad for who-even-knows-what (technically for Dreamscape Networks’s Crazy Domains, but we’re not sure we see the connection), Anderson interacts in a boardroom with coworkers as her assistant, an attractive woman in a less-than-there top and pink, lacy bra, pours cream in her coffee. A male coworker then proceeds to have an extensive fantasy–Anderson and her assistant rubbing up against each other in golden bikinis, dripping in cream. Britain's Advertising Authority banned the ad for being “sexist and degrading to women” after receiving four complaints. Crazy Domains said the fantasy isn’t pornographic and it depicts Anderson and her assistant as “attractive, dynamic and confident business people.”

    June 5, 2013 3:37 PM

  25. BUNDLE OF JOY Kate Winslet Expecting a Baby Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

    25. Kate Winslet Expecting a Baby

    And baby makes five for Kate Winslet. The Oscar-winning actress and her husband, Ned Rocknroll, are expecting their first child together. The 37-year-old Winslet already has two children—12-year-old Mia and 9-year-old Joe—from previous marriages. The impending arrival of a bundle of joy is no big surprise—Winslet told InStyle magazine back in 2006 that she wanted one or two more.

    June 4, 2013 6:42 PM

  26. NO MORE Pakistan P.M. Demands End to Drones AAMIR QURESHI/AFP

    26. Pakistan P.M. Demands End to Drones

    In a speech today following his reelection as Pakistan’s prime minister, Nawaz Sharif called for an end to U.S. drone strikes. Returning to the post after his ouster in a military coup some 13 years ago and subsequent exile, Sharif began an unprecedented third term seemingly set to fulfill campaign promises to limit American influence by demanding respect for Pakistan’s sovereignty saying, “These drone strikes that rain in every day have to stop.” Sharif faces a number of other challenges as well, including the Taliban insurgency, a sinking economy, and an electricity crisis.


    June 5, 2013 10:50 AM

  27. FRIEND REQUEST RNC Hires Facebook Manager Damian Dovarganes/AP

    27. RNC Hires Facebook Manager

    Republicans are finally embracing the Internet. The Republican National Committee on Tuesday announced it had hired Facebook engineer Andy Barkett as chief technology officer. “Excited to get to work growing digital operation,” RNC chair Reince Priebus tweeted. The RNC in March vowed to close the digital divide with the Democrats, whose technology savvy has been credited with helping the party be victorious in 2008 and 2012. Barkett, according to a profile on the University of California, Davis, website, calls himself a “Renaissance man!” and writes that he is “deeply interested in philosophy, literature, film, and economics.”

    June 5, 2013 7:14 AM

  28. SCANDAL MLB Seeking 20 Suspensions for Steroids Kathy Willens/AP

    28. MLB Seeking 20 Suspensions for Steroids

    The biggest performance-enhancing-drug scandal in American sports history could potentially be upon us, as Major League Baseball seeks to suspend about 20 players, including Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, in connection with an investigation of a Miami clinic that allegedly provided steroids. ESPN reports that Tony Bosch, the founder of the clinic, has reached an agreement to cooperate with the investigation and will begin handing players’ names to officials within a week. Penalties may be 100-game suspensions and could be announced in two weeks. Bosch and several players previously denied any connection to performance-enhancing drugs.

    June 4, 2013 8:25 PM

  29. DANGER Plains States Brace for Thunderstorms Alonzo Adams/AP

    29. Plains States Brace for Thunderstorms

    This has not been a kind spring to the Plains states. Severe-thunderstorm warnings were in effect Wednesday from eastern New Mexico to Colorado, across Oklahoma, and in parts of Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and southern Missouri. The chance of tornadoes is lower than when powerful twisters struck Oklahoma in the past two weeks, but forecasters still warned that the region could be hit with hail and huge wind gusts. Also under a flash-flood warning were Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas—which had been devastated by the recent tornadoes.

    June 5, 2013 6:52 AM

  30. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY Report: 25 Detained in Turkey ADEM ALTAN / AFP

    30. Report: 25 Detained in Turkey

    Twenty-five people have been detained in Turkey for “spreading untrue information” via social media and provoking the massive countrywide protests, Turkish state-run media reported Wednesday. They were detained for “inciting the people to enmity and hate” (clearly, Turkish police would have a problem with Internet trolls) in the city of Izmir, Anadolu Agency reported. Thirteen more people are being sought by police. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also blamed social media for the weeklong demonstrations, saying over the weekend that Twitter is the “worst menace to society.”

    June 5, 2013 9:16 AM