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  1. Too Good to Be True? Camel Does ‘Family Guy’ Impression Youtube; Fox

    1. Camel Does ‘Family Guy’ Impression

    A video of a camel laughing just like Peter Griffin from Family Guy is making the rounds on the Internet, but there’s a chance it’s not real. The camel looks normal from the outside, but when it opens it’s mouth and lets out the oh-so-familiar nasally chuckle it’s hard not to think of the obnoxious cartoon character. One YouTube commenter doubted its truth: “So fake. In the original video, he laugh like this. And the woman’s voice is from that cat video … wow I spend too much time on the Internet.” Don’t we all.

    November 22, 2013 11:00 PM

  2. Thank You, Dear ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Move Saves Life

    2. ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Move Saves Life

    Mrs. Doubtfire is more than just a funny movie about Robin Williams dressed as an old lady (but that’s still the best part). In Gresham, Oregon, a seven-year-old girl saved her mother’s life after remembering a move Wiliams performed in the ‘93 film. Amira Thronton performed the Heimlich maneuver when she noticed her mom was choking on a piece of sausage and was having trouble speaking. “It was pretty scary because there was nobody else here, and I couldn’t talk, I could, I was just in shock,” Amira’s mother said. It’s a good thing kids are still watching Mrs. Doubtfire these days.

    November 22, 2013 11:00 PM

  3. YOLO Drunk Teen Wakes Up in New Country Fred Dufour/Getty

    3. Drunk Teen Wakes Up in New Country

    What better time to travel abroad than the present? That must have been what teenager Luke Harding was thinking when instead of taking a cab home at the end of a drunken night took it straight to the airport. Harding, who had started his night off in England, awoke the following morning at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. Harding had used his passport when he went to a Manchester club, which explains how he was able to make it through security when he got to the airport. He tweeted when he (potentially) got sober: “Don’t remember the flight. it’s f***ing expensive here though. Mum thinks I’m a pillock. Walked past the Eiffel Tower 3 times! Not a club where I am.”

    November 22, 2013 11:00 PM

  4. Don't Touch Me Man Arrested for His Free Hugs Youtube

    4. Man Arrested for His Free Hugs

    A Saudi man and his friend were arrested for hugging random people on the street after copying a popular YouTube video. Abdulrahman al-Khayyal tweeted his plans the day before, and then crafted a large sign that read “Free Hugs” and started approaching passersby with wide arms. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice described the act as “exotic practices” and made them sign a pledge never to do it again. However, al-Khayyal isn't ready to give it up. He made a vow to continue hugging.

    November 22, 2013 11:00 PM

  5. 'Charlie' Girl Wants to Marry Charles Manson AP

    5. Girl Wants to Marry Charles Manson

    She knows he’s a murderer, right? A 25-year-old woman, who goes by “Star” told Rolling Stone that she and notorious crime lord Charles Manson are getting married. “I’ll tell you straight up,” she began, “Charlie and I are going to get married. I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told me to tell you this.” Star, clearly obsessed, has been following Manson since she was 19. She also produces the website “Release Charles Manson Now,” which has some pretty head turning content such as: “We KNOW Charles Manson was not given his rights in a court of law, and that he has been illegally incarcerated by the California Department of Corrections for the past 40 years.”

    November 22, 2013 11:00 PM

  6. You Read That Right Dancing Chicken Sperm Wins Contest Vimeo

    6. Dancing Chicken Sperm Wins Contest

    The top prize for the “Dance Your Ph.D.,” a contest for transforming thesis topics into an interpretive dance, goes to guys in Speedos acting out what they believe to be chicken sperm. Biologist Cedrick Tan of the University of Oxford created this unique idea from his study “Sperm Competition Between Brothers and Female Choice” and was selected by a panel of scientists and artists. As the winner, Tan received $1,000 and a trip to display his video at Stanford University.

    November 22, 2013 11:00 PM

  7. It Was Peppermint ‘Minty’ Genital Guy Not Guilty Eric Feferberg/AFP via Getty

    7. ‘Minty’ Genital Guy Not Guilty

    The 49-year-old man who said he only exposed himself on a plane because he accidentally got peppermint on his penis in 2012 has been found not guilty. A woman sitting next to him on the flight filed a complaint to police when he took out his genitals out, claiming “indecent exposure of his genitals and/or engaging in masturbation in a public place.” The man’s defense: that instead of taking medication for a headache, he rubbed minty oils on his head but spilled down to his privates and began burning. Looks like all is buttoned up now.

    November 22, 2013 7:02 PM

  8. STAY CLASSY Emerson Honors Ron Burgundy Frank Masi/Paramount Pictures, via AP

    8. Emerson Honors Ron Burgundy

    Come get a taste, Emerson. The Boston college will be renaming its communications school after Ron Burgundy for the day when he visits in December. “A visit from Ron Burgundy is a chance to engage with someone who understands the power of media, as well as hairspray, firsthand,” said Emerson College President Lee Pelton in a statement. It’s just the latest promotion for Anchorman 2, which is the subject of a new exhibit at the Newseum in Washington and a underwear marketing campaign by Jockey.

    November 19, 2013 7:37 AM

  9. misguided Army Seeks ‘Average-Looking’ Women Scott Olson/Getty

    9. Army Seeks ‘Average-Looking’ Women

    In an internal Army email, the leader of a research team seeking to integrate women into combat roles suggests “average-looking women” be used in stories about female soldiers. “In general, ugly women are perceived as competent while pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead,” read the note drafted by Col. Lynette Arnhart. An attractive woman wearing makeup could “undermine” the message and “make people ask if breaking a nail is considered hazardous duty,” while a picture of a female soldier covered in mud proves women are “willing to do the dirty work necessary in order to get the job done.”

    November 20, 2013 5:54 PM

  10. AWKWARD Weather Girl Does Forecast Nude Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty

    10. Weather Girl Does Forecast Nude

    Doria Tillier, the 27-year-old weather girl on the popular French TV show Le Grand Journal, stuck to an awkward pledge Thursday night, delivering the forecast naked after France qualified for the World Cup. Tillier, a former model, decided to do it after a Facebook page was created to urge her to keep her word. The show went about it cleverly: Tillier had told the audience she’d do the forecast à poil (naked), so she filmed the segment in the town of Poil (“in Poil” is also written à Poil). Tillier didn’t entirely use a joke to get out of her duty: she streaked across a field while the weather was shown split-screen.

    November 22, 2013 8:14 AM