Conservatives Turn on Liz Cheney

Has Liz Cheney taken her attacks on President Obama too far? Several conservatives are attacking the former vice president’s daughter for her “Al Qaeda 7” campaign, which demonizes Department of Justice lawyers who have represented Guantanamo Bay detainees in the past. Paul Mirengoff, a writer on the conservative blog Power Line, called Cheney’s campaign “vicious” and “unfounded,” and later compared Cheney to Joe McCarthy. Meanwhile, John Bellinger III, a former legal adviser to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, told The American Propsect that Cheney’s campaign is “unfortunate” and “it reflects the politicization and the polarization of terrorism issues.” And Ted Olson, the conservative lawyer who won Bush v. Gore, said “When government officials are called ‘war criminals’ and when public-interest lawyers are called ‘terrorist huggers,’ it not only cheapens the discourse, it scrambles the dialogue.”