U.S. Navy Captures 6 Pirates

The U.S. Navy is holding six pirates after directly engaging them in the waters off the Horn of Africa; the Navy has detained at least 21 suspected pirates since March 31, and the waters off the Somali coast continue to be plagued by violence. The Navy says the pirates began shooting at the USS Ashland early Saturday morning about 380 miles off the coast of Djibouti. The Ashland returned fire and destroyed the pirates’ boat; all six on it were rescued and taken aboard the American ship. The Ashland was not damaged and no one was injured. This was the second time pirates fired on an American warship—on March 31, near the Seychelles, the USS Nicholas exchanged fire with pirates, destroyed their skiff, confiscated a mothership and captured five suspected pirates. Ten more were captured by the USS McFaul Monday.