Guy Stuff Unveils 'Great Male Survey'

Get ready, it’s time to find out what a man wants., the online men's publication, has released the results of its “Great Male Survey,” which polled 100,000 men in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia about dating, sex, style, and what it means to be male in 2010. Some of the answers are surprising: 67 percent of men said they still believe in the institution of marriage; 79 percent said they think men get “screwed over” in divorce proceedings. Disowning Tiger Woods and Jesse James, only 5 percent of respondents said it was “very likely” that they would cheat on their partner if there was no chance of the partner finding out—but 48 percent admitted finding trashy women appealing because they will do things in bed they wouldn’t dare ask a girlfriend or wife. One last tip for women: Don’t pick a man based on his ability to fix things: Only 13 percent of men said “having manly skill such as the ability to fix things” is what best defines a “real man.” The quality that best defines a real man? According to 50 percent of respondents, it’s “being a great father and husband who takes care of a family.”