Is Ex-JetBlue Flight Attendant Slater Lying?

Could Steven Slater be dethroned from his post as working man’s hero? Investigators looking into the JetBlue flight attendant's Steven Slater’s outburst are now questioning his narrative: His confrontation with a so-called unruly passenger may never have happened, they say. While Slater claims that he was hit in the head with luggage or an overhead door bin while helping a passenger, so far, none of the flight's passengers have confirmed the incident—and officials say Slater may have gotten a gash on his forehead before he boarded the flight. "There's certainly a decent amount of doubt at this point," a Port Authority official told the Wall Street Journal. Passengers on the JetBlue flight from which the attendant disembarked at JFK Airport on Monday said Slater started the ruckus onboard: When another passenger asked where her baggage was located, Slater spat out an expletive, according to one passenger. “It really blew my mind,” she said. “It was so inappropriate.” Other passengers felt similarly. “I felt so uncomfortable on that flight,” said one.