Ahmadinejad Slapped in the Face?

Seth Wenig

More drama unveiled by WikiLeaks, and this time it culminates in an actual slap. According to the leaked cable, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took a liberal stance during the opposition protests, saying at a meeting of the Supreme National Security Council that the people felt “suffocated” and that greater freedom, including freedom of the press, would help defuse the situation. At this, Revolutionary Guard Chief of Staff Mohammad Ali Jafari yelled, "You are wrong! (In fact) it is YOU who created this mess! And now you say give more freedom to the press?!" and slapped Ahmadinejad in the face. The cable isn’t just juicy gossip, though, it validates recent reports that Ahmadinejad is under attack from all sides, with some Iranian politicians believing he won’t last his term.