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Police Intervene in Wisconsin Union Fight

Things are heating up in Wisconsin, as protests grow over a bill that would do away with public workers’ collective bargaining rights, and Democrats remain on the lam in an attempt to keep the bill from coming to a vote. Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said two state troopers were sent to Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller’s home in an attempt to bring him back. Meanwhile, Democrats remain on the run. "We left the state so we were out of the reach of the Wisconsin state patrol, which has the authority to round us up and bring us back to the legislature,” said Miller from an undisclosed location. They at least stopped by a chocolate festival in Rockford, Illinois, before moving on. Senate rules say absent members can be compelled to appear, but doesn’t say how. Supporters say the bill is necessary to fix the state’s deficit, while its opponents say the budget is being used as an excuse to attack unions. The debate is quickly becoming a national issue, with House Speaker John Boehner supporting the Wisconsin governor and President Obama the protesters.