Another No-Hitter for Detroit Pitcher

Darren Calabrese, The Canadian Press / AP Photo

Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers became the 30th pitcher in major league history to throw multiple no-hitters on Saturday, and the second one to do so this week. Verlander's second career no-hitter led his team to a 9-0 win over the Blue Jays on Saturday. Verlander hurled a total of 108 pitches - 74 for strikes - against the Blue Jays hitting lineup, mixing 100 mph fastballs with a few effective curveballs. Throughout the game, the pitcher kept a can of Red Bull on his bruised forearm to keep the swelling down. After the last pitch was thrown, the hero of the day pumped his fist before rushing to hug catcher Alex Avila at home plate, where he was affectionately jostled by teammates and doused with ice water. The last Detroit pitcher to throw a no-hitter was Jack Morris in 1984. Minnesota's Francisco Liriano pitched a no-hitter against the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night.