1. Baseball

    Mets' Lenny Dykstra Arrested Again

    Former Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra was charged Monday on 25 criminal counts, including the stealing of three cars and being in possession of Ecstasy, cocaine, and a steroid. Dykstra, who is out on bail on bankruptcy fraud charges, said he could not afford to post the $500,000 bail. Dykstra said “of course” he is not guilty, and said the “the car got stolen all right—by them.” Prosecutors said Dykstra and his co-defendants allegedly tried to lease expensive cars through a phony business, using fraudulent information and claiming another man was the co-signer to get credit. The man, Wilberto Hernandez, said he only learned of the scheme when the leases showed up on his credit-card statement. As for the drugs, prosecutors said Dykstra had them on him when he was arrested April 14 in the bankruptcy fraud case.

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