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    Rebecca Black's "Friday" Pulled From YouTube

    In this April 15, 2011 photo, teen pop singer Rebecca Black poses for a portrait in Los Angeles. The self-described "musical theater geek" from Anaheim, Calif., abandon normalcy when her music video "Friday" became the laughing stock of the Internet, but she's determined to turn her virtual infamy into a real music career.

    Chris Pizzello / AP Photo

    If you wanted to kick off your weekend with Rebecca Black's "Friday," you may have noticed that the viral video is glaringly missing from YouTube. Black's rep confirmed with TMZ that they had "submitted a Take Down Notice" to YouTube as a result of a row they've been having with Ark Music, which ran the "Friday" YouTube and earlier this week began charging $2.99 for people to tune in to Black's "fun fun fun." Apparently they have taken legal action against Ark Music, who does not have any rights to her song - even though they were instrumental in getting Black's video so much attention, including talk show appearances and nearly $25,000 in weekly profits.

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