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    British Oil Spill ‘Worst’ in a Decade

    Image #: 15021985    epa02865449 A photo, taken in March 2009 and provided by Royal Dutch Shell of the  Gannet Alpha platform in the North Sea.  A leak has been discovered on the platform owned by Royal Dutch Shell who say 13 August 2011 it was working to repair the leak which was found in a flow line connecting an oil well to the alpha platform.A clean up vessel and spotter plane have been sent to the site 112 miles east of Aberdeen, Scotland  EPA/ROYAL DUTCH SHELL/ HO /LANDOV

    Royal Dutch Shell, EPA / Landov

    British officials said Monday that a spill at one of Shell's North Sea platforms that began last Wednesday has become one of the worst in their waters in the last decade. While the flow has been "greatly reduced," it was not stopped completely, government officials admitted Monday. Conservationists worry that the leak could harm birdlife during a time when thousands of young razorbills, puffins, and guillemots are flightless and settling throughout the North Sea for the summer. Shell estimated the spill to be around 1,300 barrels, with five barrels continuing to leak. In comparison, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year leaked up to 70,000 barrels a day. Government advisers asserted that wildlife risk would be small and that Shell was working hard to fix the problem.

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