1. Doom

    Irene Heads to East Coast

    A family riding in their golf cart are caught in the first bands of rain and wind from Hurricane Irene, Friday, Aug. 26, 2011,  in Charleston, S.C.  Irene has the potential to cause billions of dollars in damage all along a densely populated arc that includes Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and beyond. At least 65 million people could be affected. (AP Photo/Brett Flashnick)

    Brett Flashnick / AP Photo

    Hurricane Irene is expected to hit North Carolina on Friday night. Though the storm weakened as it left the Bahamas, it  may be a Category 3 again when it reaches the East Coast. The storm is expected to cause massive blackouts and officials warned that the storm may cause flooding even when it reaches the Northeast. New York City ordered evacuations in certain areas and the public transportation system will be shut down at noon on Saturday. As he cut short his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama said, “We all hope for the best, but we have to be prepared for the worst.” The Federal Emergency Management Agency has suggestions for emergency supply kits and family emergency plans here.

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