Water Rising

Irene Rains Pummel Northeast Towns

Chip East / Reuters-Landov

Waves and storm surge pound the boardwalk and the beach as Hurricane Irene slams into Asbury Park, New Jersey in the early morning on Sunday.

Irene may have passed up New York City, but the storm continues to pummel communities up the Eastern Seaboard. Small towns in the Catskills have experienced major flash floods, which have blown out bridges and left many stranded on the second floor of their homes. Regions father north in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont have also become waterlogged. National Guard and emergency officials evacuated residents throughout the low-lying areas of Vermont, which are experiencing record-breaking water levels. Parts of main roads were even washed out by rising rivers. The towns of Woodstock and Brattleboro are both submerged. Flooding from the Winooski River running through the capital is also expected Sunday evening. While Boston suffered little damage, parts of western Massachusetts experienced serious flooding, causing several roads and bridges to close and the evacuation of hundreds.