Yemen's President Saleh Returns

    In this video image taken from a prerecorded video and broadcast Thursday July 7, 2011 on Yemen state TV from Saudi Arabia, Yemen's embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh lashes out  at opponents seeking to drive him from power in his first public appearance since he was injured last month in a blast at his palace compound. Sitting rigid in a chair, his hair covered with a cloth and his hands wrapped in white bandages, Ali Abdullah Saleh accused "terrorist elements" of carrying out the June 3 attack and criticized his opponents for trying to topple him. He wore a white robe and his face appeared noticeably darker than before the attack.

    Yemen state TV / AP Photo

    Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh has returned to his country, amid protests that increasingly look like civil war. After fleeing to Saudi Arabia for treatment following an assassination attempt, Saleh returned the capital by private plane before dawn, according to Yemen TV. His return raises the risk of a full civil war. In his absence, Republican Guards led by his son, Ahmed, have been fighting army defectors and tribal fighters who have joined with the protesters. More than 80 people have been killed this week, mostly unarmed protesters.

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