1. Yes We Can

    Australia Lets Women Serve in Combat

    In this May 11, 2011 image provided by the Australian Defense Force, recruit Pvt. Melissa Jessop, a driver with 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, poses during mission rehearsal exercises at High Range Training Area, Townsville, Australia, prior to deploying to Afghanistan.  Women fight for militaries around the world but rarely if ever are allowed to take the jobs most closely associated with soldiering _ those focused on ground combat in close quarters and even hand to hand. That may be about to change in Australia.  (AP Photo/Australian Defense Force, LAC, or Leading Air Craftsman Aaron Curran) EDITORIAL USE ONLY

    Australian Defense Force / AP Photo

    Women in Australia will soon be able to serve in frontline combat, the government announced Tuesday—making Australia just the fourth country to do so. They will be able to serve in the infantry and artillery units, as well as in special forces, which are currently fighting in Afghanistan. Canada, Israel, and New Zealand are the only other countries with no restrictions on female enlistment.

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