Calif. Gov. Signs DREAM Act

    July 25, 2011 - Los Angeles, California, U.S. - California Governor JERRY BROWN speaks before he signs the Assembly Bill 130 during the California Dream Act Town Hall meeting hosted by G. Cedillo at Los Angeles City College. (Credit Image: © Ringo Chiu/ZUMAPRESS.com)

    Ringo Chiu / ZUMA Press

    The federal version may be dead, but some states are taking matters into their own hands: California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state-passed version of the DREAM Act Saturday, which will allow illegal immigrants to receive financial aid to attend state colleges and universities. Starting in 2013, low-income students will be able to get grants of up to $4,500 for tuition and to receive institutional grants from the University of California system. Brown said opening up the aid to immigrant students would only effect about 1 percent of the program’s budget.

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