Obama Camp Blasts Romney as Flip-Flopper

    CHARLESTON, SC - OCTOBER 07:  Former Massachusetts Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gives a foreign policy address to cadets at the Citadel on October 7, 2011 in Charleston, South Carolina. Romney spoke about the war in Afghanistan and other military topics.  (Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images)

    Richard Ellis / Getty Images

    Is this a preview of what’s to come? President Obama’s reelection campaign went after 2012 Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney on Wednesday for demeaning Obama’s tax proposal as “a little Band-aid” during Tuesday night’s debate. David Axelrod, a senior strategist from Obama’s camp, told reporters on a conference call that Romney’s preference for permanent changes to the tax code would inevitably hurt the middle class. Digging deeper, he argued that Romney often flip-flops on his policies: “It’s consistent with a guy who ran for governorship and the Senate in Massachusetts as a pro-choice moderate… to the guy you see today hard after the Tea Party vote…”

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