Deadline Set for Euro-Zone Rescue Plan

    Stock market prices are displayed at the entrance to the Athens Stock Exchange in Athens, Greece, on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011. Greece's decision to ban short selling of securities won't stop stocks from falling more than shares in other European countries, if history is any guide. Photographer: Angelos Tzortzinis/Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Angelos Tzortzinis, Bloomberg / Getty Images

    European officials said they would reveal a euro-zone rescue plan by Oct. 23. Though it is unclear how such a detailed rescue plan could be put in place by Oct. 23, officials said they expected to “decisively address the current challenges through a comprehensive plan." The plan is expected to include a new Greece bailout, a call for higher capital levels for banks, and putting more money into the euro-zone’s bailout fund. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said, “They clearly have more work to do on the strategy and the details, but when France and Germany agree on a plan together and decide to act, big things are possible.” Asian shares opened higher on news of the potential fix for Europe.

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