Oakland Protester Suffers Brain Damage

    In this Oct. 25, 2011 photo, 24-year-old Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen lies on the ground bleeding from a head wound after being struck by a projectile during an Occupy Wall Street protest in Oakland, Calif. Olsen suffered a fractured skull while marching with other protesters attempting to reestablish a presence in the area of the disbanded camp, said Dottie Guy, of the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Police Chief Howard Jordan says an internal review board and local prosecutors have been asked to determine if officers on the scene used excessive force. (AP Photo/Jay Finneburgh)

    Jay Finneburgh / AP Photo

    An Iraq veteran protesting at “Occupy Oakland” has been rendered unable to talk from minor brain damage after being hit in the head by what appeared to be a police projectile. A video from the scene shows Scott Olsen, 24, being hit with a tear-gas canister fired at extremely close range, though the footage is not 100 percent clear. The injury was so severe that doctors put him in a medically induced coma to reduce swelling in his brain. As of Wednesday, sources told The Guardian that he has been communicating clearly with his family in writing. Doctors said that with time he will likely make a full recovery.

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