Oregon Police Arrest 30 Protesters

    A large crowd of protesters rally before marching through downtown Portland, Ore., Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011.  Occupy Portland protesters were joined by several large unions and other supporters for the event.(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

    Don Ryan / Getty Images

    Police in Portland, Ore., arrested about 30 demonstrators early Sunday after members of the Occupy Portland movement refused to leave a park. Police began grabbing about 27 to 30 protesters at Jamison Square in an affluent district of the city after midnight when the protesters sat in a circle and refused to leave. There was no violence during the arrests, and as of Sunday evening the protests have calmed. The Occupy organizers are calling for a general strike on Wednesday. Earlier Saturday night, about 20 Denver protesters were arrested, while rallies were held across the state of California.

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