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    U.S. Flight Attendant Killed in Mexico

Federal Police officers protect the area called 'Green Zone" where hundreds of businesses are beign affected by the wave of violence due the war between drug cartels and the Mexican Army and Federal Police, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on July 13, 2011. While local businesses have been devastated by high murder rates and criminal gangs in Mexico's most deadly city of Ciudad Juarez, multinational industry is booming. Many small shops lie empty on the desolate streets of the border city across from El Paso, Texas, while foreign manufacturers are setting up more plants known as "maquiladoras", which import and assemble duty-free components for export. Some companies have increased their security costs in northern border cities such as Ciudad Juarez but officials say maquiladoras are not threatened because they lack what gangs want most, cash.  AFP PHOTO/JESUS ALCAZAR (Photo credit should read Jesus Alcazar/AFP/Getty Images)

    JESUS ALCAZAR / FILE / Getty Images

    An arrest has been made in the case of a Phoenix-based US Airways flight attendant who was found dead in a Mexico City hotel room Saturday. Nick Aaronson, 33, was found bound and naked, apparently beaten and strangled to death. He was staying at the downtown Hilton while on a layover. Authorities have not made any announcements about the arrest, but Aaronson’s mother said on Facebook that the FBI had contacted her about an arrest in the case.

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