5 Protesters Arrested in Atlanta

    A lone member of the Occupy Atlanta movement is arrested by members of the Atlanta Police Department at Woodruff Park early on Monday, Nov. 7, 2011 in Atlanta. The group was trying to reoccupy the park they had been encamped in for the second night in a row. (AP Photo/Erik S. Lesser)

    Erik S. Lesser / AP Photo

    Atlanta has emerged as a hotspot in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Police there arrested five people today in and around the site of the city’s own Wall Street protest. Just a day earlier, an unruly rally resulted in 20 arrests. Atlanta protesters are clashing with police over the laws surrounding their stomping grounds, such as a park curfew and the mayor’s recent executive decision to outlaw sleeping in the park overnight. Last month, about 50 demonstrators were arrested after setting up tents in the same park. Despite the crackdown, protesters seem determined to stay put.

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