Newt and Freddie: Scandal or Snoozer?

Steve Pope / Getty Images

As the Washington press corps continues to chew over Freddie Mac’s scandalous employment of Newt Gingrich, conservative blogger Matt Lewis writes in the Daily Caller that the story has been overblown. After all, then-senator Barack Obama was once the second-biggest recipient of Fannie and Freddie money, and “I don’t remember entire news cycles dedicated solely to investigating Obama’s involvement with Freddie.” But in The New York Times, the liberal columnist Timothy Egan has no patience for Newt’s apologists. Pointing to reports that Gingrich hypocritically rented out his opinion-leader status to build conservative good will for the company, Egan opines, “This is not just another Gingrich laugher … This story encapsulates why Washington is broken.”