Morocco Holds First Vote

    A Moroccan voter casts her ballot in the legislative election at a polling station in Rabat on November 25, 2011. Moroccans voted in the country's first legislative election since the constitution was reformed to give parliament more power, with an Islamist party expected to post strong gains. The election, the second in north Africa since the Arab Spring uprisings began, pits the moderately Islamist Justice and Development party against a coalition loyal to King Mohammed VI. AFP PHOTO / ABDELHAK SENNA (Photo credit should read ABDELHAK SENNA/AFP/Getty Images)

    Abdelhak Senna, AFP / Getty Images

    Moroccans are heading to the polls Friday to vote for the first time since protesters pushed for greater democracy last February. More than 300 international observers and 3,500 Moroccan observers will monitor the vote. Parliament has more power under Morocco's new Constitution, and the prime minister is elected rather than royally appointed. The moderate Islamist Justice and Development party is expected to do well in the election.

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