Sarkozy: Save the Euro Now

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy addresses the 20th congress of the European People's Party, EPP, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011 in Marseille, southern France. The leaders of France and Germany hoped to rally fellow European conservatives on Thursday around their latest bid to save the euro currency from collapsing under the weight of huge state debt.  (AP Photo/Jean-Paul Pelissier, Pool)

    Jan-Paul Pelissier, Pool / AP Photo

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy made a desperate plea on Thursday to save the euro in a speech to fellow leaders of the center-right in Marseilles. "The entire world is watching. We must do everything" to save the euro, Sarkozy said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed Sarkozy’s sentiment, saying, “We need to have more Europe” as the region battled the ongoing effects of the financial meltdown. At the same time as Sarkozy's and Merkel’s speeches, the European Central Bank cut its interest rates to 1 percent—a historic low. Merkel and Sarkozy spoke prior to an EU gathering set for Thursday afternoon in Brussels, where leaders are tasked with nailing down a deal to conquer the euro-zone debt crisis.

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