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    Gay Penguin Gets a Girlfriend

    Nov. 4, 2011 - Toronto, ONTARIO, CANADA - Are Buddy ( left) and Pedro ( right,  so says the keeper at the zoo)  , two African penguins at the Toronto Zoo, gay? Not that it matters, but let's just say their keepers have noticed the two are inseparable, and show signs of mating behaviours. There are other cases of suspected gay penguins -- New York has a pair. Rene Johnston/ Toronto Star 20111105; ONT; Greater Toronto; GT1 -- Buddy, left, and Pedro are inseparable African penguins that are male.  René Johnston/TORONTO STAR (Credit Image: © The Toronto Star/ZUMAPRESS.com)

    Toronto Star Staff / Zuma

    One of the gay African penguins at the Toronto Zoo, Buddy, has mated with a female. The coupling comes after he was separated from Pedro, the male bird with whom he had built a nest. Buddy and Pedro became famous for their cohabitation, but zoo officials separated them because the African penguin is an endangered species and therefore the two need to produce offspring. Pedro has yet to find a mate, but it turns out that Buddy’s female friend is not his first: the 21-year-old bird had a mate for 10 years before shacking up with Pedro. The two will rejoin the general population once Pedro finds a female mate.

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