Malaysia Leader Not Guilty of Sodomy

    Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, center, addresses to his supporters after coming out from the High Court where he heard the verdict of his sodomy trial in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Monday, Jan. 9, 2012. Malaysia's High Court acquitted the opposition leader of sodomizing a former aide, citing unreliable DNA evidence in the verdict Monday that surprised supporters who feared he would be imprisoned to silence him. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)

    Mark Baker

    Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is not guilty of sodomy. A judge threw out the two-year case Sunday, saying that the prosecution’s DNA evidence was not reliable. Anwar was accused of having a sexual relationship with a male aide. The 64-year-old could have faced 20 years in prison in Malaysia, where sodomy is illegal. Anwar said that the government was trying to derail his political campaign. Thousands of supporters waited outside the courtroom, where a blast rang out shortly after the verdict.

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