Fugitive 'Butt Cutter' Nabbed

Fairfax County Police Department

Fair Oaks Police District - Police identified Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel, 40 as a suspect in one of the retail store assaults that took place this summer based on a tip they received. Detectives have obtained a warrant for his arrest but believe he may have left the area.

Ladies in Virginia shopping malls can ease off watching their backsides now: a man suspected of slashing the buttocks of 13 young women in Fairfax has finally been captured. Peruvian authorities confirmed they nabbed Johnny D. Guillen—known as the "Corta Nalgas" or "butt cutter"—in Lima. The slashings occurred between February and July 2011 in various retail stores. According to police reports, one innocent Forever 21 shopper suffered a nearly two-inch wound in her rear, and another 21-year-old woman felt a pinch in her behind while she was browsing the racks at a T.J. Maxx in Fairfax.