Greek Debt Talks Hit Snag

    A Greek flag is waved in front of the Greek Parliament while strikers march by during a protest march in Athens marking the 24-hours general strike on December 1, 2011. Greece's new government sees its resolve tested on December 1 as unions take to the streets against the latest austerity cuts demanded by its European peers in return for funds to keep the country afloat. Today's general strike, the sixth this year, has shut down public services and disrupted train and ferry services but flights were not affected and the Athens stock exchange was open, as was most of the capital's metro system. AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKI (Photo credit should read LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images)

    Louisa Gouliamako, AFP / Getty Images

    Negotiators at work on brokering a debt-swap deal between Greece and private creditors took off for the weekend with plenty of details left to hash out, sources told Reuters. Earlier reports had said that a deal that would save the country from default could be reached by Monday, but a speedy resolution now seems less certain. “Discussions will continue over the phone this weekend but an agreement is unlikely before next week, if there is an agreement at all,” said a source with knowledge of the talks. “Things are complicated, we are getting closer on the numbers but there is still quite some work ahead.”

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